Friday, July 29, 2011

Hey friends

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I'd like to show you how versatile our Fruitastic stamp set is:

OK, so you know that the apple can be red, pink, green or yellow, the strawberry is a gimme - but, you can add the 3 open circles to it and color them yellow...obviously the lemon can be a lime, but here are some other ideas that might not slap you in the face.

There is an orange or grapefruit.  I added the circles to the orange, and I stamped the solid green leaf.

There is a peach, apricot and plum.  You can add some flock to the peach...or some white glitter maybe?

There is a little start shaped-thingy that goes on the blueberries (color them a little darker color)

Grapes are fun when you mask the circles.  (one gingham leaf is paper pieced)

You can cut off the tongue and add it to other fruit.

and the cherries are so easy to make

The sentiments that can be made with this set are:
You are:
   totally sweet
   a peach
   berry special
Pucker up

I admit that I made the lips to use an accent, but I didn't know how great they looked on the frog until I was playing with the stamps - eeeeek, how fun!!!  Looking at her now, I wish I drew eyelashes on her (maybe next time).  The crown also looks great on the elephant from this "A Little Lovin" stamp

Ahhh, how I wish these were real video tutorials.  I have to get my son to help me.  I admit that I am a but intimidated by the presentation of videos out there, but I swear that I am going to tackle it.  Until then, I hope these mini-tutes are ok while you wait for me to "get my act" together.

Here's a simple card using pom poms for his spots.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. Fantastic ideas, Kim! I can't wait to get the new Fruit set. . .ideas have been brimming since I first laid eyes on it :D

  2. Great ideas. one of the many reasons I really like these fruitastic stamps is because I imagined that i would be easy to wipe off the mouth and eyes on the stamp after already inked and add the mouth of another stamp, like stamping the eyes and mouth of the lemon onto the apple would be so cute too. So many options, so much fun to be had.

  3. Cute stamps and superb ideas. I would love to buy my 1st set soon...TFS

  4. i love all of the ideas for the fruit stamp set!! and i totally dig the pom poms on the frog for your card!! love your stamps! - Samantha M

  5. You rock Kim! It's a fact! :)

  6. SUPER cute--I LOVE your ideas with those frogs! I just did my very first video--and it wasn't too hard! You should try it! SOOOO easy and fun:) **NOTE:: I am not a professional--so maybe my video isn't that great....but I LOVE it:)

  7. Wow the fruit set is so versatile, can't wait for it to get here :)
    Jenny x

  8. That froggie is so cute! Love the pucker-up image! SO sweet!

  9. Hee - I love the lips on your frog, Kim - so cute!!!

  10. thanks for showing all the variations, kim! I think I'm going to try making the peach into a pumpkin too by adding more "stripes" with the cherry stem! :)

  11. I love these ideas, Kim! The blueberry one is my favourite!


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