Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We have a surprise for you...

We are releasing our August stamps TOMORROW (July 27) at midnight MT

The reason:

My husband and I are traveling back to NY for my Aunt's wedding and my family reunion from this Friday through August 2nd.  Our computer option is sketchy at best.  We are staying with my Grandma (in the boonies) on release night and well, she has a grey box that she calls a computer.  As if dial up isn't scary enough, there is no way she has a router or modem both of which are fairly new to me - my Gram would probably guess that they are plumming parts, so we just can't risk it.  My laptop needs to stay home so that my Mother in Law can fill orders while we are gone.

We could make orders wait to ship on August 3rd, but I just can't do it...I would hate to make you wait, ack!  My MIL will step in on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, but I didn't want her to be bombarded with orders, so we felt that it was best to release them early.

Pep Rally week will continue and our DT Blog Hop is still scheduled for this Thursday.

. . . Back to our regularly schedules post :)

I have had tons of requests for an ALPHABET - so I thought it was the perfect time to release one :)

The second set is called "Alphadot".  It's an alphabet and number set with some punctuation and some "dots" to use as a pattern.  They are small but are super fun to play with :)

UMMM, WOW!!!  I am IN LOVE with this card!!  I am not sure if Laurie stamped each work on one block each time or stamped each letter separately, but it looks freaking amazing!!

Heather's stamping is perfect too - which makes me so happy to see.  I adore this shaped card - and it's great for anyone at any age, LOVE that!!

Please join us tomorrow for some more card samples and a hint to our last August stamp set.
Thank you so much for stopping by :)



  1. AAAAAAA! I can't wait! Thanks for not making us wait :D

  2. Hooray for us! I can't wait to get my hands on this one. You continue to amaze me! And oh yes, another reason why your customer service is #1 in my heart. Releasing early...YOU ROCK!! Hope your trip is great!

  3. Oooh! Can't wait to see the new release!

  4. YAY! I cannot WAIT, but I guess I'll have to. :) One more sleep! :) Thanks for the alphabet!!!!!

  5. LOVE that you have an alphabet, Kim! Enjoy your trip! Contact me if you get bored though...LOL...if I remember I think I'm not far away. Would love to meet up sometime!

  6. ooo that's the best news Kim, thanks for thinking of your customers :)
    The alphabet set will be so useful.
    Jenny x

  7. That's right Diane, you are about an hour from where I grew up! I doubt there will be a single down moment, I have a TON of people to visit. I wish we could play :)

  8. Oh Kim
    Love love love that you put your customers first. I hope you have a wonderful trip and this news about an early release made my day!
    travel safe!

  9. Yay!!!! An Alphabet I always love your little fonts I can't wait!

    -rachel w k

  10. Great projects!! Sounds like you will be super busy in the coming weeks!!

    I’m thinking you’ll be having a cool alpha set - which gets me seriously excited!!! I really cant wait to order more of your stamps - I love them all!!! Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

  11. What a great use of scraps in both cards! Lovely!

  12. Sooo happy to hear about the early release! I might even get to ordering myself before going on holiday this Friday =) Love the cards, I'm looking forward to the alphabet set! TFS =)

  13. I love the idea of an alphabet set! I can't wait to see more!

  14. How exciting to get to order early. I love these creations. Love the color panels with the vellum. Have to remember that one. Love the tree with the sentiment at the bottom. I can see this on a triangle box.

  15. love your samples..have a great time at your grams and the wedding.

    MaryAnn N.

    (blogger not working again)

  16. Have a neat time and I so understand not knowing what will be available when traveling. Remember you can always find a McD's or a library. CUTE cards and it will be fun to see an alphabet. You know I am a fan of your handwriting!


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