Friday, August 12, 2011

rounding out the week...

I am here today to share some ideas of how to use our Sugar Rush stamp set.

I used a new ink pad, so my lines may be a bit "juicy", I apologize :)
  • sooo, we have a cake pop with a candy (glittered) topping that can also be a caramel apple
  • popsicles (any flavor) do you remember Pudding Pops?....yummmmy
  • a pattern
  • a donut "as is" and one with a candle.  Notice that I masked the top of the donut to add the candle.  k, so that is a weird word, gotta it spelled like doughnut?  I would want to say Doug-nut then...ack, I am not liking that word, LOL (I am over it, onto the next image)  I added two eyes to the chocolate (or maple iced) donut with a black pen
  • gum drops (the green one is glittered)
  • cansy corn
  • hard candy
  • cupcakes with different sprinkles
  • drink glasses, one with Coke and the other with Mountain Dew
  • Fruit Loops, gummy rings, lifesavers

 I just have a simple card to share today.  I combined our Fruitastic stamp set with Alphadot

have a terrific weekend sweet friends!


  1. Cheers for the ideas! Cute card... love the buttons!

  2. I love how your panel is sandwiched between the buttons Kim. Look at all those fun ideas.


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