Friday, October 21, 2011

Hey friends!

I hope you have enjoyed your week.

We announced our guest designer for November yesterday.  When I spoke with Melania, she informed me that it can take up to a month to receive mail in her country (yikes).  I thought it was best to ask her to design for us in December since shipping times would make it hard to commit to deadlines.  She accepted :) So you will see her delightful creations, starting on December 7th.

This of course means that we need a November guest designer.  We proudly asked Audrey Tokach to be our guest and she gladly accepted.  Please congratulate Audrey.  This is her card hat caught our eye:

Since our guest spots are filled through December, we will hold off on the next call in November and begin again on December 1st to choose our January guest.  Please keep an eye out.

Have you seen our mini gift bags in the store?  You can find them under our "Doohickies" category...HERE.  You get twenty 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" white sacks for only $1.99 (and yes, they will be wrapped in Baker's twine)

They are great for Birthday goodie bags but also for thoughtful "somethings" at any time of the year.  Teacher's gifts, neighbors, "thank you's", the possibilities are endless.  The white paper is flat and not coated, so you can stamp directly onto the sack or cover them with paper.  You can add paper or ribbon handles or fold them over and tie a bow through 2 punched holes.  Here are some samples that cover our next three holidays:

Have a nice weekend
Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by :)
xo Kim


  1. First, congrats, Audrey!!!
    Second, TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! Love those bags!!

  2. PS---PaperSmooches is new to me, but I REALLY like your stuff!!! MWAH!!

  3. Congrats Audrey and Melania!
    Ohmy...these are super cute,Kim!

  4. Such Cute Bags, Love them!.....Congrats to the Guest Designers...!!!

  5. Congratulations to you, Audrey! I look forward to seeing your creations for November and Melania's creations for December =)

  6. amazing look with the goodie bags, so so cute!

    -rachel w k

  7. I love Audrey's work so this will be fun.

  8. Congratulations Audrey. Kim your bag ideas are amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  9. I am super excited about this opportunity! Can't wait until November! Thank you all for the congratulations :)

  10. Kim, your gift bags are amazing! I love them. And a huge congrats to Audrey!

  11. HOOOORAY, Audrey!! I just love her creations--and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bags! SOOO amazing! LOVE!

  12. Neat card by Audrey! Looking fotward to seeing more projects from her. Great bag designs, Kim! :)


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