Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's chit chat

k, so I really don't talk like that, but I do say "Let's chat" to my friends.  I am a bit old fashioned, so I like to talk on the phone.  I do text now, after a LOT of coaxing, but I admit that it does come in handy at times.

Isn't Laurie's card just SO pretty?  I love the pink and bling!  She used 3 sentiments from the set beautifully.

Heather's card reminds me of a movie theater...the bling makes me think of lights on a marquee.  I adore the pops of color and all of her details makes me so happy :)

As promised...I will be drawing another sentiment set for a December release.  I am going to need a name to be among: Pretty Phrases, Sentiment Sampler, Alphadot, Word Up...and now Chit Chat.

I'd love to hear your suggestions for sentiment stamp set names.  Please leave a comment here...now through Thursday at midnight and suggest a name of a sentiment set.  If I choose your idea, I will send you a Chit Chat stamp set. (if you have that set already, I will send a set of your choice).  I will announce one or more set names that I like on Friday.  Have fun!


  1. The 4-1-1
    All the Rage
    Yakkity Yak

    those are just to name a few that ran through my mind :) Can't wait to see what you come up with, Kim!

  2. Well lets see....how about Sweet Sentiments or
    Girl Talk...ok one more and i really like it ...Spellcheck..
    Thanks that was fun to think about..

  3. Hm... how about:
    Sweet Greetings
    Chatter Box
    Let's Chat

  4. Hm .... Sentiment set name ...... Just good friends is one I would use again and again or Silly Ramblings :).

    Hugs, Mette

  5. Let's see... how about:

    Gibber Gabber
    Small Talk
    Blabber Mouth

  6. how about...

    Sassy Sayings
    Sweet Talk
    Talk About It
    Talk About Fun
    Verbal Verses
    Very Verbal
    Rad Ramblings
    Pun Fun

    just some ideas! So excited to see what you come up with! :)

  7. How about

    'say what!'
    'Just words' or
    'Nice Thoughts'

    Love today's design inspiration :)
    Jenny x

  8. How 'bout

    Heart to Heart
    Express It

    Looking forward to the end result! Fantastic inspiration today, as always!

  9. Oops, thought of one more.......

    Me to You

  10. Can we talk?! (say it with a NJ accent - it's way more fun!)


    Jibber Jabber



    Gossip/Gossip Girl


  11. Yay a new sentiment set!
    How about:
    Spill the Beans
    Good Gab
    Key to Communication
    Big Babblings
    Splendid Spiels

  12. Hen party
    Did you hear?
    Text Talk
    Have I told you?
    Beautiful Babbles
    Trendy Talk

    This is tough... there are some great ones suggested already! Can't wait to see the new set.

  13. How about Yada, Yada, Yada? :)

  14. Selected Sentiments
    Sweet Sentiments

  15. Everyday Ramblings
    Sassy Sayings
    Just wanted to say
    Wild About Words
    Just Sayin (that's my favorite!)
    That's What She Said

  16. How about
    Pretty Prattle
    Cheerful Chatter

  17. One more:

    Strictly Sentimentals

  18. How fun! I suggest "Well Said" as a name :) or "Banter"

  19. Ohh how fun!!

    How about....
    Jabber box
    Terrific twitter
    Sweet sayings
    candid chatter
    Pretty prose


  20. Hmm...how about...

    TTYL (talk to you later)
    Girl Talk
    Small Talk
    Good Day
    Grins and Giggles
    Sipping Tea
    Between Friends
    Hello Sunshine
    More Than Words
    Word of Mouth
    Across the Miles
    You've got Mail

    Ok, that's all I can think of for now...

  21. WOW!! SO many amazing ideas here :)

  22. Can you hear me now?
    Word to your mama!
    Word up!
    Nothing but words.
    Say What?
    Speak no evil.
    Tongue Tied.
    Alphabet Soup
    Say It Ain't So.
    Beyond Words

    That's all I've got!

  23. Say What
    Simply Sentiments
    Word it
    Let's Talk
    What's the Word
    Quick Quips
    Quote Me
    Quote This
    My Sentiments Exactly
    Say it!

  24. Well, I want to play :P How about:
    "Through my words"
    "Mark my words"
    "Words Ahoy!"

  25. Okay, Okay a few more...

    Tell me about it
    What you talkin' bout Willis? LOL!
    Sweet Nothings
    Gift of Gab

  26. One more I thought of...
    Paper Talk..

  27. I'm excited for a new sentiment set from Paper Smooches! I love the unique font and clever sayings. Here are a few ideas:
    -Gab Bag
    -Voice It!
    -Express Yourself
    -Talk to me
    -Talk of the Town
    -Spill the Beans

    Thanks for the chance to name a set and win!

  28. Holiday Hoopla (if it's a holiday sentiment set)
    Close Conversations
    Spill It!
    Wonderful Wordage
    Sweet Salutations

  29. How about, "I'm Just Sayin'"
    Maybe pick one of the sentiments from that set and make that the title...

  30. You have so many great ideas already, you can create sentiment sets forever! AND - LOVE that pink card!
    I was thinking -
    "Can you hear me now?"
    "Whats You Talkin' About"
    "Have you Heard?"
    And I like "Say What"

  31. omgosh so many great suggestions so far!

    Terrific Text!
    Text Me,
    Whisper Out Loud,
    Hit Me Up!

  32. How about:

    "You talking to me?"
    "Santa, I can explain"
    "Sentimentally yours"
    "Blah, blah, blah"
    "Spell checking"
    "Anybody out there?"
    "Simply saying"
    "Simply said"
    "For real?"
    "Keep(ing) in touch"
    "Spill the beans"
    "Well said"
    "He said, she said"
    "What do you say?"

    Love your stamps! ;-)

  33. My suggestion is Say It or Just Say It.

  34. I don't know if these have been mentioned yet, but I came up with the following names:
    Speak Easy
    Now We're Talking
    Meaningful Messages

    Thanks for a chance to win Chit Chat, too. :D

  35. "Yakety Yak" or "Are you Listening" or "Are You There?"

  36. How about: (if a holiday set)

    "Holly"day Hullaballoo
    Holiday Hullaballoo
    or Holiday Buzz
    "Holly"day Buzz
    Santa Says
    Naughty or Nice

    (every day sentiments)

    Nuggets of Wisdom
    Brilliant Banter
    Silly Sayings
    Cute Quotes
    Utter Nonsense
    Jibber Jabber
    Funny Feelings
    Passionate Prose

    Wow! Everyone has great ideas :) Good luck choosing!

  37. How about:

    "Just Saying.."
    "Just Sayin'.."
    "Who Says?", or "Who said?"
    "Talking Out Loud"
    "Say It Out Loud"
    "Talking Allowed"
    "Something to Say"
    "The Final Word"
    "The Final Say"

  38. WOW! You have quite a few suggestions already, and I don't know if these have been said yet, but how about:

    "Just Sayin'..."
    "Simply Stated"
    "Now You're Talkin'"

  39. Some of these may have been suggested already but hey, I can't stop! Ha ha!

    Say It Again
    Quiet Thoughts
    Have I Told You
    Tell it to Me
    In the Know
    Word Salad
    From The Heart
    Pen Pals
    Talk To Me
    Last Words

  40. In Bermuda we used the phrase "Chopsin" - like, "I was just chopsin on de phone". It's a word that always makes me giggle... :)

  41. Chinwaggin'
    Let's Have a Natter
    Blah Blah Blah
    Yaddah Yaddah

  42. Gorgeous cards by Laurie and Heather! I had so much fun reading (and laughing) at all the great stamp set names.

  43. What a great idea!

    appropriate phrases
    For every occasion
    bright Scraps
    Flashes of words
    brilliant creativity
    warm wishes
    Ideas dealers

  44. The only thing I can come up with that I don't see in the comments is: Random Ramblings or Word Up.

  45. Giddy gossip

    Words have Wings

    Happy Talk

    Cute Converse


    Utter Fun

  46. "Talk it up" and "words of wisdom" are my suggestions! Thanks for asking!

  47. Okay, I love a challenge!

    Assorted Thoughts
    Prints Charming
    Express Expressions

    (I hope I'm not too late - I've been trying all day to post and it just wouldn't work).

  48. Wonderful Words - I like the alliteration in some of your set names.

  49. Gossip.
    Let's rap.
    Suaviloquy (sweetness of speech).


  50. oh how fun.. :)
    how about...
    -jot it down
    -sentimentally you or yours
    -say it
    -love notes
    -little words

  51. How about
    Tweet Talk
    Well Said
    Sweetly Said
    Just Joy (Christmas)
    Tweet Stuff
    Smoochie Sayings
    Say it Happy

    It was fun things of ideas, thanks for giving us another way to be creative :) You are a blessing!
    Kim Marie

  52. Sick Sentiments - it's street to say sick instead of good these days!

  53. Maybe timeless tidings, winter whimsey, or Christmas chorus. Shirley NW

  54. This is fun! How about.... 'laughter lines', 'wordy wisdom', 'express yourself', 'art-ticulations', 'look who's talking'... Oh no! I won't be able to sleep trying think of better one's! Robin Funge


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