Friday, October 14, 2011

The many perks...

of neutral ribbons :)

We added some neutral ribbon to our store - did you see?  They are timeless and just plain fun to create with!  Here are some cool things that you can do with twill:

And some fabulous things you can do with our white grosrrain:

Remember that when using Copic markers...the color changes with the different ribbons:

Please take note that Copics will bleed a bit on the grosgrain ribbon, but works beautifully with twill.  The white grosgrain ribbon stiffens when you color them with Copics - cool, but weird!  All types of ink worked with these ribbons.

If your ribbons are wrinkled...use a flat iron or regular iron to flatten them out.

Adhere them with:
  • vellum tape
  • tape runner
  • machine stitching
  • staples
  • brads
  • tape them around the back of your card
  • fabric glue
Our ribbon buckles work great with our ribbon:

And here is a card using our grosgrain ribbon :)

I used Copics to color the rainbow.  You can get the streaks by allowing one layer to dry, and then adding another color layer.

I hope that you will look at your ribbons a little differently.  Stamp on them like nobody's business!  :)

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Love your card and all the great ribbon ideas. Thanks!

  2. Awesome idea...thanks for sharing..

  3. Great ideas!
    Thanks vor that inspiration!

  4. I got my PS order today and LOVE the ribbon selection! The doohickies are cute too! The Hope stamp set is an instant favorite too. I'm looking forward to checking back for new additions to the store! Thank you for shipping so fast.

  5. Really cool ideas Kim!! Time to pull out my excess twill before I need some refills.

  6. fun fun fun I love how they turned out!

  7. Super ideas! Thanks for sharing, Kim

  8. What a fabulous way to use ribbon! The hope one is my favourite.


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