Friday, December 23, 2011

Our last post before Christmas...

Ohhhh how I hope you have a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah.

We are officially ready at our house - bring it on Santa!

I am not a baker (well, I am lying, that was my maiden name, so technically I WAS a Baker) but I really don't bake - or cook...I just don't like it.  My mom was the most amazing cook too.  Oh how I wish I paid attention when I was a kid.  (sigh)  My favorite cookies that she made was kolachkis...I am sure I just butchered the spelling.  Fellow Slovaks out there will know what I mean.  I do make wreath cookies (from corn flakes)...and I am going to make dirt pudding for Christmas eve dinner (nope I will not be cooking dinner) I am lucky to have a wonderful Mother In Law who will take care of that...and will do an amazing job.  That's the extent of my "holiday baking".  Are you crazy busy baking up a storm?

Here's a couple of holiday cards that I whipped up for today.

k, so maybe the lips weren't thought out enough.  I colored the moose too dark, so the kiss on his cheek is hard to see.  So I glittered the kiss....not sure if it's an easy read though (you may have to look closely).  I am all about breaking rules of I went with hot pink and teal for my Christmas card.  Are you feelin' it?  The moose and sentiment are from our Chubby Chum Pals stamp set.

...and here is a super simple "base" card.  I used our witch hat template to make a Santa hat.  Just add a white paper strip and punched circle...nuff said :)

Have a magical holiday!
super huge hugs,


  1. These are just too cute Kim!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  2. Soooo cute! :) Merry Christmas, Kim!

  3. Hi Kim!
    Nope, the lips are lovely! Love the idea that he was kissed! Maybe a secret kiss from his little-lady-lovers-moose! And then he got so mixed up, he got tangled up in the lights! Ha ha! Loooove the colors that you picked!!! Looks like a party!!
    I'm only doing dessert for dinner, with my inlaws, each couple prepares one course of the dinner and this time, it's the last course for us! Love that! I do like to cook, but not christmas cooking for many people... But this is good! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!!!!
    All the best!
    Hugs, Wendy

  4. Those are great, Kim! I love nontraditional colors for Christmas. I will be cooking, and I have been baking. I used to hate it, but our budget tells me that I need to start loving it ;) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family, Kim!

  5. Cute cards!!!!! Merry Christmas Kim :)

  6. I can see the glitter kiss just fine. Cute! Love your coloring!

  7. How cute. I like that all of the lights are one color. It's different.

  8. lol! love that you 'used' to be a baker. I've made a whole bunch of gingerbread cookies and they're so tasty :) and teal and pink are the best holiday colors, can't go wrong!

    -rachel w k

  9. I'm not a baker either. I won't be cooking Christmas husband will. : ) I love your cards. That moose gets me every time. Love him. I think your color choices are wonderful and fun. Merry Christmas.

  10. ACK! That Witches hat is SOOOOOOOOO cute as Santa's hat!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your card--beautifully done!

    LOVE that you were a BAKER!!! Tooooo cute:) Merry Christmas!!!

  11. Cute cards. I can see how the moose is completely smittened by the mysterious lady moose who gave him a smooch.

    In our family, my mom makes the turkey, stuffing, green beans, and mashed potatoes. Us kids bring in other goodies. My job is sweet potato casserole, three kinds of cookies, and my youngest daughter will make spitz cookies. I want to try a new recipe this year as well, just don't know what it will be. I always like to try one new thing every year.

  12. I am slovak and my favorite cookie is the kolacky (kolachky) that my mom taught me to make, that her mom taught her to make. Prunes or nut filling? Covered with powdered sugar? She also made a poppy seed pastry that was to die for! I can send you the kolacky recipe if you want! Merry Christmas and thank you for your stamps and fun ideas that always bring a smile to my face!

  13. Cute moose card! Fun Santa hat, too. I made almond, poppyseed and apricot kolachky for our holiday celebrations yesterday (Eve) and today (Christmas.) I like the Bohemian, yeast roll type, as well as, the cream cheese base dough cookie. This year I changed it up and used ice cream in the cookie dough. Yum! As a kid, my G'ma taught me to make them a ba-zillion yrs ago. They are really easy to make, especially if you cut in rounds and spoon the filling atop. The fancy folds are a bit more involved but fairly easy to make. I bet if you tried it, you'd accomplish it easily. :) Wishing you a holiday season filled with wonder, joy and love! Gabby :)

  14. My mom's parents both came to the USA from the former Czechoslovakia, and mom was a wonderful cook! We did kolacky with cream cheese, poppy seed, prune and apricot fillings way back when... and later found the Solo brand canned fillings in blueberry, strawberry and raspberry and enjoyed those too. I still make kolacky for my dad, and now my husband loves them too. :)


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