Tuesday, December 20, 2011


is everyone frantic with shopping lists?    My Christmas shopping is done (phew).  It's my first year as a step Mom  :) I went from 2 kids to five in April and boy does it make Christmas even more fun!

I am hoping that these cards will make you stop for a moment...and just smile...

I LOVE how the color pops on Heather's card!  She fussy cuts-perfectly!  I love her rich colors and how she popped up the heart balloon...and frayed the grass.  What an amazing card!!

(sigh) Laurie's card is absolutely stunning!!  I love all of the textures and layers.  Really such a beautiful card to look at (I am sure it's even more beautiful in person)

I am off to draw today (big grin)
Have a great day friends!


  1. Both cards are super fabulous! Love them!!

  2. Love them both. Cute cards. TFS

  3. Oh, these are so lovely!!! And eh... Kim...what are you drawing?!!!! Could you send us a peek?! :-D
    Hugs, Wendy

  4. Adorable!!! I love the colors!!! So cute!

  5. I LOVE THESE! And I can't WAIT to see what magical cute goodies come flying off your pencil ;) I still have some shopping to do...and wrapping...and baking...and LOTS of COFFEE and CHOCOLATE! In other words...I need to GIT-R-DONE! ((((hugs))))

  6. These are adorable! I don't have these sets but after seeing Heather and Laurie's cards...

  7. these cards are fantastic... Kim Congrats on the new family.. I too, am a Step Mom (girlfriend) .. We aren't married but living together and live as a family. I went from no kids to having three and last year was our first Christmas together.. I love it.. Today is our son's 13th bday.. fun times...

  8. SUPER cute cards--love the soft colors of the second one...and I love the grass on the first!!

    HOOOOORAY for large families--I bet your children will have a GREAT time this Christmas as a new family!!! <3

  9. aww these are so amazing...great designs.

  10. beautiful cards! can't wait to see what you're drawing, i'm sure itll be fab! have a very merry christmas with all those kiddos :)

    -rachel w k


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