Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not your ordinary wedding card...

:)  Isn't this so much fun?  I'd bet this is a pretty cool couple.  I think it's a fresh approach to such a wonderful occasion.

Julie Day's guest designer spot starts today - woohoooo

Her stamps took their sweet time to get to Canada (they arrived yesterday), but she was sweet enought o create 2 new cards for today's post using other stamp sets.

This first one is so incredible!  She stamped those polka dots to make a pattern - wow!   The sweet simplicity takes my breath away :)

oh my, this cracks me up!!  Get out - check the girly crab with Angelina lips!!  She creeps my daughter out, but I think she is darling :)

I am sure that we can look forward to many more clever creations from Julie this month.

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends


  1. aww this are so fun...Love those fun hands and cute crabs..

  2. The crabs ARE really cute. It's funny what kids get freaked out about. My son, when he was 4, couldn't look at a photo of an ocotpus. He would scream bloody murder.

  3. They are great cards. Love the crabs.

  4. These are all just darling. Love those crabs.

  5. SOOOOOO clever--all three cards! LOVE each one!

  6. These are gorgeous!!! Love them all! Gosh, you've found some amazing designers for your team, Kim, always new ideas when I stopped here!!! Loooove it!!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  7. That wedding card is totally cute and whimsical, love it!


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