Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday

sooo, I mentioned something fun that we have to announce...the special day will be Wednesday, June 27th, so please stay tuned.

Today I'd like to share some fun things that you can do with your CLOUD stamps.  A few days ago I gave away a stamp set on Facebook to the first person to tell me how many stamps we have with a cloud on it.  (The answer was 10!), so I guess you can say that we dig clouds here at the PS homestead :)

Check em' out: Cut Loose, Nirvana, Whimsical, Spiffy Scooters, Sunny Side Up, Forest Whimsy, Eco Friendly, Metropolis, Little Lady, Summer Groves...and these have a cloud shape that you could cut out to use as a cloud: He Said, She Said and Promenade (look closer at the topiary tree)

1. The flower was created by stacking 3 different clouds
2. The popcorn bits came from the Metropolis set...just add coloring
3. Whipped cream added to a coffee cup - mask the coffee cup or cut along the curve in the cup
4. A fluffy cupcake, just add a base by covering it with paper
5. Rolling hills...just place a paper at thew bottom of the cloud, stamp and then draw a line along the opening of the cloud 

You could also use clouds as cotton candy, ice cream or a golf green...and other ideas???

...and here is my movie theme card using the clouds from Nirvana:

 Have a super fabulous weekend!!


  1. that popcorn card is too cute!!!!

  2. Oh how I love your tips and tricks Kim - so unique and SO cool!!

  3. These little tips/tricks are great! Keep them coming!

  4. I love outside the box uses for my stamps. Thanks for the clever ideas!

  5. I want that popcorn, what an adorable idea. I guess I need to find a movie to go to now that you have made me hungry!

  6. So cute! Can't wait for the special announcement! Is it going to be CHA releases? :)

  7. Thanks for sharing some extra tricks to extend the options of our stamps!

  8. This is very cool, thanks for sharing!


  9. Love all the clever ideas. I noticed there is a heart in almost every set I (heart) that!

  10. OHHHH! I can hardly wait for the NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE the ideas of using the cloud for flowers/whipped cream/etc. FAB movie themed card! YOU ROCK, Kim! <3

  11. I don't have your stamps yet, but I appreciate all the tips for using them. Thank you!
    Loly Borda


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