Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yup...the set is


The new Halloween theme set coordinates with our Haloweenies stamp set beautifully...or should I say BOOtifully!

Laurie made amazing use of a spider's web embossing folder.  Her bright pops of color really adds to the Halloween fun!  I LOVE the mix of chevron and polka dots...the mix of soft and hard embellishments is fabulous as well.  Man, this girl is talented :)

and O-M-Gee - this card makes me LOL...my husband too!  I imagine this quirky pair consists of a teen girl and a swooning boy as they get ready for trick or treating..  This card is dang fun!!

Emily created another Spookalicious card that I will share later this month, but she was so inspired that she stamped a third card this month.  This card really shows the versatility of this set. 

The owl and "balloons" are from the Spookalicious set - the balloons are pumpkins, turned upside down (brilliant).  She used a sentiment from Simply Said that says it all.

Be sure to check out our newest challenge over at the SPARKS blog!  It's a photo challenge this week!

It's release night - super yay!  Hope to see you on the flip side tonight :)


Monday, July 30, 2012

Pep Rally week

which will be available tomorrow at midnight - yay!

O-M-Geeee, how fun is this?  I can see so many long words working perfectly with this design.  I am amazed at how straight Heidi's stamping is (perfection).  I imagine that different shades of pink would be awesome for a baby girl card - or greys and a wedding, etc.  Ohhh the possibilities are endless :)

other sentiments that would work are:
Happy Birthday to you (colored with a different color per word)
With Sympathy (colored with a different color per word)

If there is a space at the end of your word, simply add a heart or accent to close it out.


which also happens to release at midnight tomorrow - double yay!

what a retro-funky-cool card!!  I LOVE that Kalyn heat embossed the paisleys - she created a fabulous background paper.  (swoon)

We are on the home stretch for summer vacation.  My kids go back to school next Monday.  The count down is officially on!  In NY, we went back to school the first week in September, so the early date always throws me off.  Ahhhh, to go back to the Field Days to search for friends to find out if you shared classes.  That seems like forever ago (sigh)  Maybe I will sport some BIG hair today...for old times sake...hmmmm, where's my Aqua Net?

I have been brain storming for our winter CHA booth.  I L-O-V-E-D concepting our booth last year and this year is even more exciting since I am surprisingly not freaked out.  We will have a larger space to work with which means designing a whole new booth.  YAY!  I will include you in the process - this is an exciting time!

Have a GREAT week friends

Friday, July 27, 2012


I am continuing on with our pep rally week with another peek - - - > woooohoooo

Today I have a card to share that was created with our new DAISIES & PAISLEYS stamp set.

I stamped a banadana-looking paper with the 3 different paisley images.  The daisy is stamped and cut out.  I know, I am an insane fussy cutter.  I am sure that it would look better if I cut out 2 more daisies and layered them, but I just didn't feel like it (grin).  The leaves and sentiment are from the new set as well.  It's really fun to create with (trust me)

Sooo, if you haven't commented on the design team blogs for your chance to win this or one of the other two sets, please take a moment to do so...YOU could be a winner :)

Have a great weekend friends

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July DT Blog Hop

It's Pep Rally week and we are here today to share a sampling of the Paper Smooches August stamp release with you!  The three NEW clear stamp sets will be available to purchase at 12:01am, Eastern time...on August 1st.  You will find them HERE.

To add extra fun to our blog hop...we are offering up a prize!  Just leave a comment on any of the five design team blogs listed below for your chance to win one of the three new August stamp sets!  (you do not need to comment on all blogs to qualify)  You have until midnight MT on Friday, July 27th to leave a comment.  Please check all five blogs on Saturday, July 28th to see if you are one of the five lucky winners.

Emily Leiphart
Heidi Van Laar
Kalyn Kepner
Laurie Schmidlin
Teri Anderson

To increase your chances of winning:
1. Leave a comment on this blog post
2. Tell us that you Facebooked about our blog hop
3. Tell us that you Tweeted about our hop
4. Tell us that you posted on your blog about our blog hop

Today I am sharing a card that uses the new alphabet set called GRAFFITI.  The letters are 3/4 inches tall which are a little larger than the Alphadot letters that are approx. 1/2".  I decided to draw them in a "ransom note" style...making each letter extra-unique :)

I left the letters on the clear acetate sheet and inked them all at once.  I placed the stamps face up, on a piece of scrap paper...inked it and then removed the letters to spell "hi" with a baby wipe.  I then used a Marvy Uchida Le Plume marker to add ink to the "hi" letters.  I then pressed my paper onto the top of the stamp set that is now fully inked and face up.

Once I lifted the paper away from the stamp set, I went back over the "hi" sentiment with the same marker.  And here is the final result:

This is a bonus sneak since you get to see about 98% of the stamp set.  I used another ink marker to add color around the edge of my card and embellished with bling and twine.  It's such an easy card to make.

Have fun hopping!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do you have any...

Teens at home?  We now have 3 and boy is it ever a treat, no really...except for the occasional attitude, we are handing this super fun age group quite well.

check out these really cool Teen Routine cards...or should I say "swag" - which is the current "cool" word, LOL.  I am sure my kids would cringe if they read that, ha!

Teri's card is great for a boy or girl - love that!  Just add a birthday sentiment and you can mass produce this awesome card to have it on hand when needed.  Love the gem accents!  It seems to move somehow, do you see it?  :)

and yay - another card that is perfect for a boy or girl.  I'd say unisex, but I think that's a dumb word and awkward to say.  Because of the "uni" part (obviously) - unibrow, unitard (not good)...unicorn is ok, just sayin. 

Jen Wills created this FABULOUS card!  L-O-V-E the graphic look!  Her card seems to have movement also - very cool!!

...and this card is just dang cute!  She made awesome use of Alphadot to say what she wanted.  Jen is ohhhh so clever.

It's her last week as our guest and I am so so so sad!  She has been a treat to "work" with.  There's a lot of talent on one person - I am in awe of her :)

There is a super fun photo challenge going on over at the SPARKS blog

Tomorrow is our July DT blog hop - super yay!  I hope to see you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

are you a...

Space Cadet sometimes?  I can be, I admit it.  Sometimes my thoughts are elsewhere.  My mind drifts to Stampland on occasion...I like it there :)

These two design team cards are "out of this world"

Can I simply say that this card is PERFECT?   Yup, I think I will stop there :)

And here is some major cuteness!  Laurie colors beautifully - LOVE the bold blue and custom background!

Well friends...I am hoping that you have a terrific Tuesday!  Thanks for stopping by :)


Monday, July 23, 2012

thank you

...for the very sweet comments about my painting.  I have many displayed around our home and they bring me so much joy.  Not as much as seeing your PS creations splashed all over the web though.  That brings me immense joy!  Thank you for sharing YOUR talent with all of us :)

That stinks, it's awful, that bites...all not so much fun to say - but "that sucks" is...just sayin'

Kalyn's card is shabby-fab!  I love the addition of the swirls and solid oval under the vacuum.  It really make this card move.  Love the homey wood grain and pinking edge...this card doesn't suck.

This card doesn't suck either, not even a little bit :)
It's absolutely lovely.
So flirty and feminine

I am drawing today (grin)
thanks so much for making us a part of your productive day.

Friday, July 20, 2012


...the phrase goes like this...
"The eyes are the window to your soul"
Yup, I agree

This is a piece of artwork of mine that I painted when I was 17.  Can you imagine what this handsome gentleman might be feeling, just by looking into his eyes? 

I'd like to think that I am an excellent reader of people.  Their eyes really do tell it all.
I included an eye with our Smoocheroos stamp set because it's just a fun way to say "I".  When I was a kid I loved using pictures instead of words.  I liked to tell a story in a creative way...and somwhow it followed me through the years.

This is a card that I created for today that includes the eye from Smooheroos:

Other sentiments that would work with this card are:
Missing You
With Sympathy
We're moving
Sorry you are sad

Eye hope 2 C U on Monday :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our August guest designer is...

the fabulous Karen Baker - eeeeek!

I have admired Karen's work for quite a while now.  She is a clever girl that chooses color combos that I am in awe of.  Like this card that won her a spot on our team for August.  HUGE Congrats Karen!!  We are thrilled to have you :)

Our September guest designer search begins on August 3rd.  I hope you will give it another try.  Ohhhh how I LOVE searching through the entries.  It makes my coffee taste better :)  Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself with us.

Have a fabulous Thursday friends

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


SPARKS Challenge was posted on Monday - did you see?  It's a COLOR challenge this week.  I always LOVE those!  Check it out if you have a chance

Jen Wills has two clever cards to share today

She used the planets from Space Cadet to act as bouncy balls - fun right?  She used Alphadot and other sets to piece together a cute title.  Super fun!

Jen used the toppers on the cupcake from Sugar Rush to create a pile of laundry...how neat!  Love that the title is yellow - reminding me of the sunshine.  Another VERY clever card (grin)

and Teri created this fabulous Space Cadet card - swooooon  Perfect balance and cuteness...it's jam packed with fun :)

I'd say Have a happy hump day, but that expression bugs me...I think it's really dumb.  Maybe we can change it to Happy Halfway Day - yup, that is so much better.  I am officially coining the phrase right now LOL.  "coining"...another wierd-doesn't-make-any-sense word...hmmmm


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Squeaky Clean

....is outselling Space Cadet...not by much, but it's the front runner this month.  I figured that Teen Routine wouldn't be as popular as the 2 sets that it released with because it's fairly theme specific, but it's definitely holding it's own.  But what this tells me is that you are loving our unique stamps - YAY!  So many of us have built a mighty impressive "collection" of stamping supplies, so I am honored when you add some Paper Smooches into to your creative world.

And I am sure that our design team inspires the heck out of you to create - Here are two more cute Squeaky Clean cards to smile at:

So many things in life can just suck.  A break up, a botched interview, an embarrassing moment.  Receiving a card like this might just make a sad person feel better about a situation, donocha think?  Great card, isn't it?

Emily is working her magic with the crazy professor again...love it!  I imagine this sweet guy can sweep anyone off their feet, LOL.  Great use of a scalloped border - the paper actually looks dirty.  Pure brilliance.

I am going to go fold some laundry now - I'd rather punch myself in the face, but I will trek through it :)

Enjoy your day

Monday, July 16, 2012

good morning

I feel refreshed - I went to bed before 9:30 - that NEVER happens.  It's usually 12 or 1:00 for me, so that felt so good.  I am ready for this week - and you?

Heidi and Kalyn have 2 darling Teen Routine cards to share - I personally LOVE them - hope you do too :)

This sweet little computer card would be perfect for anyone at any age.  That sideways computer smile says it all.

Even thought my first thought is that this is a "girly" card - I also think it would be great for any kid.  LOVE the floss strings and the way Kalyn colored this is awesome!!  She used Geo-graphic to create that very cool edge (love)

I have a winner from Friday's Buckaroo promotion.  It sounds like you dig the set - super yay!!  Thank you for the compliments :)

My daughter chose...

Gorgeous card, Kim!

Congrats Lindsey!!  Please send an e-mail to info(at)papersmoochesstamps(dot)com and let me know your address.

Have a FABULOUS week friends

Friday, July 13, 2012

Something special to share - and a giveaway

We are releasing our newest Kismet stamp set called "Buckaroo" very soon, and I am here today to share this fun set along with two designers that I admire!  This is the ninth stamp set from our"Kismet collection".  This stamp set will be available to purchase at midnight on July 14th.  You will find it HERE

I combined four different ink colors and splattered some white paint on top to give it a "rustic" look.

Sooo, here is the original stamp set that I drew for Cornish Heritage Farms back in 2007 - it was called Happy Trails.

 ....and here is the new and improved stamp set - Buckaroo - but in clear instead of red rubber:

All of the images are the same size.  Usually not all images fit on the 4 x 6 size, but Happy Trails was a smaller stamp set than most of the sets I designed for CHF.  I eliminated the sheriff star and added a smiley face and western-like border instead.  I removed the star from the boot and made it a separate image so that it can be added to the boot - or not.  Look closely and you will see all of the tweaking that I did  :) 

The cowboy hat fits on our fruits and vegges - the dinosaur on Party Posse, the butterfly from Giddy Bugs, our witch and the elephant from A Little Lovin

I have one "Buckaroo" stamp set to give away to one lucky person!  You have until midnight on July 15th to leave a comment.  I will post the winner here on Monday, July 16th. 

For more chances to win...please visit these truly talented gals:
Chan Vuong and Jen del Muro

I am so happy that you stopped by :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The PS Patrol

found some AH-Mazing Paper Smooches cards!!  Seriously people - I am knocked over EVERY-TIME I search our gallery.  Ohhhh the talent :)

These cool cards were found on our Flickr Fan page.

Christine Drogt
I admire a person who has the patience to stamp an image to create a background.  As much as I don't think I am a perfectionist, I think I must be when it comes to lining up icons.  Christine rocked this stamp set!  Awesome - in every way!
(Boob Tubes)

Jennifer Ingle 
It's no secret - I am drawn to quirky!  Check out this super clever card - the "gold-toothed grill" was created with the watermelon and the nose is the top to the salt shaker.  HA!  What a crack up!!

Jenny Moczan 

This card caught the eye of our design team coordinator over at our SPARKS challenge blog too - so this is also a winning challenge card,  I can certainly see why it was chosen.  This is just toooo much fun - I LOVE it!!
(Alfresco, Alphadot)

Kelly Booth 
I am thrilled to see cards using multiple PS stamps...it truly warms my heart!  This card just POPS!!  I looooove that splashed background (swwwwoooon)  L*O*V*E
(Zoo Crew, Party Posse, Geo-Graphic)

Ummm yeah - this is absolutely gorgeous!  Isn't it wonderful that she popped up select flowers.  The bling splatters really makes this card extra-divine.

Thank you so much for sharing your PS creations on the web for the world to see.
We appreciate you :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I wake up in the morning and feed the dogs...and while they eat I run a load of laundry or fold it.  Yup, that's what I do.  Then I jump on the computer, sip on my coffee and write my blog post.

To add to the visual of Buddy - he is a very pretty blonde Cocker Spaniel.  He's only about 9, so his blindness is not the result of old age...there is something wrong with his vision, but he doesn't seem to mind.  And neither do the other dogs when he literally runs over the top of them while they are lying on the floor.  He barks at the wall and carries a "baby" around with him everywhere...yup, he's pure sweetness.

In honor of dreaded housework everywhere...check out this darrrrrrling card that Teri created:

Paper pieced perfection.  I LOVE the wallpaper, the bling and the whole set up.  I think I woudl enjoy my laundry more if my washing machine and dryer looked like these :)

Jen Wills is back with us today with two amazing cards to share:

This is super fun!  What a VERY clever idea.  He looks like he is enjoying being beamed up and that little alien looks delighted.  What a sweet card :)

And her second card is clever as well.  I imagine that this could be the top view of an ambulance...or just a simply way to send someone healthy vibes.  The simplicity is perfect.

Have a great day friends

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


...my blind dog keeps bumping into the table...just sayin'  :)

We have FOUR dogs...uhhuh, I know that's quite a bit.  When I met my husband we blended our kids AND dogs.  I have a dachshund named Moxy who had no idea he was a dog until we moved in here.  It's nice to have 3 more dogs to love.  My favorite is Buddy because he can't see - there is just something very sweet about him.  Anyways, him bonking his head was what I heard when I started writing...couldn't resist mentioning him :P

How about some cards?

Emily and Laurie created these wonderful Teen Routine cards for today:

I LOVE that Emily created a girly card with this set.   I admit that I think guy first, but there is no reason why it can;t work for girls.  Add some bling, glitter the images up and simply choose girly colors - easy peasy!

Laurie's product choices are perfect with this set.  Arrows are a great way to add attention to your focal point.  Great use of texture and color - cool card Laurie!!

I hope you have a creative day!  I am thrilled that you stopped by

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Monday!

I am ready for a fresh week - how about you?

It was so interesting how Kryssi and Heidi designed similar cards...or chose similar images to create with.  I thought it was such fun to see.  Well, it looks like Kalyn and Heidi have similar tastes  as well.  I look forward to seeing how these two designers compliment each other's style.

Today they used Space Cadet and knocked the set out of the park!

I am loving this design.  I appreciate the soft colored rocket.  I normally think of bold colors, so it's refreshing to see the softer look.  LOVE the white sentiment :)

 ...and how cool is this???  Seriously WOW Heidi - I love how your mind works!!  This card is pure genius and I am in awe.

Our guest designer search for August is officially ON - check it

A NEW SPARKS challenge will be posted today - check it

Now go and have a fabulous day friends

Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello friends.
I have some tips to share using our newest stamp sets

Squeaky Clean: It comes with fun eyeballs that can be added to just about all of the household items on this set.  I stamped the eyes and cut them out.  Fun, right?  How about using googly-eyes?

Teen Routine:  This set started out being a teen school theme set, but I found myself leaning towards technology instead of school.  I am so glad that I went with my gut because this set became more unique than I thought.  

The smart phone can also be used an an I-Pad.  The bird represents "Twitter".  Not sure if everyone knows what i <3 U means - but if you don't, it's computer lingo for "i love you"...or "i heart you".  The little icons such as the camera and letter can be used to represent aps.

Space Cadet: I thought I'd show you how to use the laser beams - fire - petal-type image.   I imagine that it might work for butterfly wings as well.  Any other thoughts?

Our Spiffy Scooter set has a flame on it that would work amazingly well with the space ship, doncha think?

I created this one-layer card using Space Cadet to show how easy it is to make a cute card with just a few coordinating images.  You could add some bling and glitter to jazz it up!  And maybe some bakers twine wrapped around?

Have an awesome weekend  :)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be our Guest in August

Our August designer search begins today.

Guest Designers will receive 2 NEW stamp sets and will have their name and projects featured here on the PS blog for 4-5 weeks (depending on how many weeks there are in the month).

You will have approx. two weeks to show us your talent!  You can submit as many projects as you like and past submissions are welcome.  Guest designers are not chosen randomly.  We will be looking for designers who stand out in one (or more) of the following categories:
  • great use of color
  • outstanding design
  • mad coloring skills
  • fun paper piecing
  • pure cleverness
You will need to use a Paper Smooches stamp or any of our FREE digi stamps.  You can submit to our call with "old and new" projects...and projects that you create for our SPARKS Challenge are perfectly acceptable..

The deadline is Wednesday, July 18th.  Our August guest designer will be announced on Thursday, July 20th.

If you have tried out in the past..I hope you reapply - We LOVE looking at your beautiful creations.

Thank you soooo much for stopping by  :)


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I am excited...

to share some awesome cards created by our July guest designer Jen Wills!!

Jen lives in Bermuda and her July stamps haven't quite made their way to her yet (bummers), but she was wonderful to create two fabulous new cards for us to share today.

What perfect timing for the Fourth of July celebration here in the US today!  America IS beautiful and so is this super clever card!!  Clever AND perfect - I love it!!  (and boy did she rock our Alphadot stamp set!)

And this little whimsical nugget really wowed me.  I adore this sweet scene :)  I am sure you love it as much as I do.

Teri made this freaking ADORABLE card using Teen Routine and Party Posse.  Perfect balance, cool color combo and crazy cute critter!!

Those of you enjoying the holiday...hope it's safe and truly wonderful..  Everyone else - I hope your day is fabulous in every way.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I am excited to share these beauties with you!  They feature the NEW Space Cadet set

If you are having a bad day just look at this card and it will most likely make you feel better.  It's so bright, cheerful and super FUN!!  I love how Laurie colored her alien...soooo beautiful!!

Check this darling little scene.  Emily created space aliens from the cute guys from Healthy Vibes and Little Fella.  I knew they would make awesome aliens!  Beyond adorable card :)

Have you checked our newest SPARKS challenge?  Here are the deets

Thanks for stopping by friends.  Hope to see you tomorrow.  Jen Wills joins us - YAY!