Monday, August 13, 2012

Hey friends!

Hope you had a very nice weekend.  Ours was quiet - which was oh' so great :)  We met up with my Dad for some pizza.  He told us about his new medication...check out this thought process :

Dad: "My prescription came today (they upped his high blood pressure medicine) and it had a bright yellow sticker on it, warning me about he sun!  Don't they know I live in Arizona?  It's telling me to stay out of the sun while taking this medicine.  Well, I will be inside, out of the sun when I TAKE the pills, so I should be alright."

Ummm, yeah, he is serious - ack!  Cute - but not!

How stinkin' cute is this gift bag?!?  LOVE the pop of Halloween colors on the bold black/white chevron treat bag!  All of her pattern choices are perfect :)

I just got an e-mail from "Pick Your Plum" that has chevron bags (in 4 different colors) for sale today at 60% off!  check it

Swoon - it's Edward and Bella!  Don't you just adore this little couple?  Kalyn's card is perfect in every way :)

Heidi and Kalyn rocked the Spookalicious set!
have a good one!


  1. Cute! I love fall and Halloween things. I was just checking out the bags...these 2 projects will be great for my grandkids!

  2. Super cute !! Love the bag & I wanna know how to make a reverse stamp too !! That card is adorable !!

  3. Fabulous projects! That vampire couple has me LOL'ing!!

  4. Super cute!! Loving all the halloween stuff!!


  5. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Your dad is so dang cute! I wanna go out with you guys again:) Love these cards!!!

  6. GET OUT! I just LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these projects--esp. the Edward and Bella card! FUN!


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