Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Half-way Day!

I went to see the Pitch Perfect movie last night - LOVED it!  I am a sucker for Glee, so it was a treat!  My poor husband dozed off a few times (he's NOT a Gleek-guy) but even he enjoyed it.  I recommend :)

Let's get to the inspiration for today, shall we?

Teri used Christmas Sampler in such a fabulous way!  That's the beautiful thing about a theme sentiment set - everything works together beautifully.  I love the colored pearls...they add such a cute touch!  I love that Santa is peeking in from the side - adorable!!

Anni, our October Guest designer is still waiting on her package to arrive.  I wish Germany was better about getting packages out of customs quicker.  It's so frustrating.  She was so sweet to create a card using the PS stamps that she has in her stash.  I pray that her box will arrive before next week's post.

Ummmm, her card ROCKS!!!  It's simply amazing in EVERY way - I am blown away, nuff said (huge grin)

Thanks so much for stopping by friends.  Tomorrow I have some wonderful cards to share.  The PS Patrol was out on Monday and found some gems!



  1. These are both fab! I like to see Anni's cards which may not go with the theme but are still super fun!

  2. GET OUT GET OUT! I love love LOVE Teri's card--so fun! Great colors!

    Poor Anni---I hope she gets her stamps SOON!! LOVE her card though! It's AMAZING--love the touch of glitter:)

  3. Teri's card is fantastic and so is Anni's! I can't believe it takes Germany that long to clear their packages!

  4. these are both so AWESOME!! love 'em! :)

  5. That stinks for Anni!! Love love her card Teri's card is do bright an fun!

  6. both are fabulous... the glitter is SO glittery, I am wondering what she used or if the photo is just making it look really special. I am sure my glitter doesn't look this good?!

  7. No kidding German customs... nuff said. Love Teri's subway art! And Anni's glittery monster.


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