Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am stamping today...

Are you too?  It's time for me to create the card samples for the web site. ;)  Our December release is really fun!!  Can't wait to share (we have a sneak peek below)

Today I have two fabulous Knick Knacks cards to share

Emily combined stamps from Pip Squeaks and He Said, She Said.  Wicked cute, isn't it?  Her coloring is amazing and her simple design is perfect!!  The way she accented words in her stamped sentiment is just WOW!!

 Laurie's shabby card is awesome!  It's cool how much those colors really pop on a kraft base :)  Laurie's coloring and design is perfect as well.  Both GREAT cards!!

here's sneak peek number 2 - guesses?

Enjoy your Tuesday friends


  1. Knick Knacks cards are sooo cute!
    Was wondering what to do with little pieces

    I think the next release is a Spring one!
    ...Butterflies, Bees, Birds, Girl Fox

  2. SO cute! That sentiment is perfect!

  3. How cute are these cards.. I can always pick out Emily's..she is just so fun.. Love the sneak peek..looks like another MUST HAVE..

  4. SO CUTE! Love these cards--esp. that second one! Fun design with all of those toys!!! SUPER CUTE sneak! I can't wait to get it!! <3

  5. LOVE the samples, always excellent work ladies! Sneak peak has a little Yorkshire Terrior, so maybe "Give a dog a bone" or something like that! Whatever it is, it will undoubtablty be cute and fun!

  6. Love the title of the sneak peek...punny and clever!

  7. Great cards! Love the CAS style of the first one and the fun layout on the second, fantastic coloring too!

    I think the sneak peeks are the birds and the bees with maybe a cute puppy in there for good measure :)

  8. Love the cards. Emily's cards always make the post so special. Clever card. Loving the tweety bird and the puppy!!! Looking forward.

  9. Fabulous cards those ladies made! I think this set may be about pets??

  10. Oh my gosh! The first card is hilarious!! I need these sets! I have a niece that is due any day and she would get a kick out of it! I love the other card too!

    I'm thinking pets too!

  11. It is either a Spring theme or a pet themed set. Can't wait to see more!

  12. Fab cards! The peek looks like my Westie Ruby! :)

  13. Snips & Snails & Puppy dogs tails :)

  14. Great charge cards! Love your CAS kind of the first along with the enjoyable structure on the subsequent, wonderful colouring as well!
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