Friday, April 12, 2013

hey hey, it's Friday!

Ahhhh these are some truly fabulous Market Fresh cards.

Karolyn used the UPC code stamp to create the striped paper on the bottom - isn't it so cool?  I know she uses our dies for her flowers, but I can't remember which ones...I'll have to ask her and pass that along later :)

I reallllllly love Laura's little coupon!  I am personally not a coupon shopper because well, I am not very good at it.  I admire those of you who rock at it!

That's it for me today...I am exhausted.  Today we set up our booth at CKC in Mesa (the show if Fri/Sat).  It was a LOT of hard work, but I am thrilled with the final result.  I have my camera packed and will share photos when I can.



  1. OH GOOOOOOODNESS! These cards are just tooooo cute! LOVE the bottom stamping for Karolyn's card-- and Laura rocked this stamp set! SOOOOO clever!

    I hope you have a fab time at the show!! Take lots of pics:) <3

  2. Excellent cards Ladies!! Love how you both used this fun stamp set!! And can't wait to see some pics from the show! :)

  3. HA! I am now totally going to the CKC. Was wondering what to do today! I also love the cards!

  4. These are really fun! I love the bar code border!!!

  5. I love both cards...definitely have to get this set!

    Have a great time at CKC, Kim! I can't wait to see some photos!

  6. Awesome creations! What a fabulous DT. Wowza

  7. Cute cards! What's a coupon? Kidding, I just don't use them. :) However, two of my daughters can't live without them.

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