Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Monday moring...

Great news.....well for me any ways.  I  was finally able to exhale yesterday.  I am sure that sounds like a small feat, but I feel like I have been running around like crazy for the last seven months.  (scratch that...2 years is more like it LOL)  I have enjoyed every minute of it but boy is it nice to melt into my chair. (grin)  Business continues to grow so this is probably short lived, and even if it's only for feels so good :)  Can anyone relate?

Think Fast - here we go >

Coincidentally Kalyn and Heidi both created a whole pizza - fun!!

I love the placement of Kalyn's sentiment and the soft paper colors really helps the pizza pop!

Hedi's card has great texture - love that braided twine!  Her design is perfection - love every inch of this card :)

Enjoy your day
BIG hugs!


  1. Just precious, Heidi & Kalyn! I love them both :)

  2. In your eye with a pizza pie! These remind me what my kids use to say when they were younger. Very cute.

  3. Love these cards, so awesome. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. LOVING how even though they both used the Pizza they are both very DIFFERENT Creations!! By using different colors and papers it gives the card a whole different feel!! THANKS for sharing such FUN Cards and I hope you ENJOY your day to relax alittle, YOU DESREVE IT!! =) Have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  5. Not sure what happened to my last comment-- technology:)

    LOOOOOOOOVE these cards-- I love that they decided to create a whole pizza! SO CLEVER!!

    So glad you were able to relax yesterday:) I can totally relate-- I thought after resigning from teaching that I would have tons of time to relax and go to the beach. We live 20 minutes from the shore, and I've been there 3 times in the last 5 years! REALLY? LOL! I need to head there this weekend:)

  6. Awesome cards! Glad that you were able to kick back!

  7. You have a PIZZA stamp and PIZZA die?? Oh me, oh my!!!!

    I just placed and order and it shipped today ~~ guess I will have to go right back and have a look!!

    Those cards are just way too cute!!!

    PS ~~ I can relate to your post! Hoping to exhale next week after a bunch of projects are completed!! :) :)

  8. It does feel good to sit and relax from a busy schedule. Glad to hear you got some you time!! These two cards are just the funnest!! Got my new die and stamps today from you, and I hear them calling me! :)

    Pam L

  9. that's amore! I refer to you relaxing and to the cards!

  10. Yum, love both these cards! And enjoy your respite!

  11. Love the pizzas! Great, fun cards!


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