Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hey there!

Happy Saturday!
I mentioned that I'd share a little info about my recent trip.  I took my camera, but as usual, I didn't pull out the dang thing.  I did take a few photos from my phone, so if I can figure out how to get them onto my computer, I will share them later. 

We never made it to Yosemite state park.  My Aunt drove and had a hard time getting us there.  The roads were windy...trees were tall and the On-Star signal kept getting messed up.  Not truly knowing where we were going freaked my aunt out, so we turned back around.  I was honestly sooooo relieved.  I was feeling card sick with the windy roads...I couldn't WAIT to get back to town.  If I ever make that trip again, I will consider a bus tour.

It was really beautiful there..coming from the desert made it extra nice.  We are hitting 100's, so the cool air felt sooooo good!

I taught 23 students, four times (91 students total).   Two classes on Sat and two on Sunday.  What a wonderful bunch of women!  I truly enjoyed it.

These are the cards that I taught...

coloring with a pencil (shading) creating a pennant banner

 Rock and Roll stamping - gradient stamping

Collage stamping


Stamp Kissing, using border stamps to create a decorative edge

I forgot to share the photots from our retail show in April.  Here they are:

...and here is a cute card from Emily using our Nine Lives dies:
She used our Hot Spots Large Base for her paper panel.  Seriously sooooo cute, isn't it?

Laurie used our Woofers and Woofers extras dies on her sweet card.  Check our how she used our Shopping Bag die - oh my goodness...this card is fabulous!!

Hope your weekend is oh so nice :)


  1. wow Kim, even that store space you were teaching in looks just like you, bright an fun! Love the cards that you taught!

  2. that store space is ours...we built a booth at a retailer show :)

  3. Kim, we loved having you teach at The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape. I loved meeting you and your dad. You too are so sweet and funny...
    Next time, you will have to let me take you into the park, unless my driving made you woozy on the way up the hill :) Everyone love you and your adorable cards and stamps. Hugs, hugs!

  4. Loved the workshop at Bass Lake and hope you will come again. Your designs are so cute and so easy to make. Loved your dad! Ann & Sue

  5. Hi Kim, How fortunate your students were to have you teach them! I'd love to attend a Paper Smooches school! Perhaps you'll consider some online classes down the road for those of us who live in Canada north! Love the techniques, the cards, and, of course, PS products! As for windy roads - I hear you! We're surrounded by them where we live. Bus tour sounds fun. Have a fantastic Saturday.

  6. Love the pics and trip deets, thanks for sharing! Just lurve PS sturr!

  7. I mean stuff (stamps and dies). :)

  8. So sorry to hear about those windy roads.... I LOVE Yosemite! It is gorgeous.. A truly spectacular place. Hope you get there one of these days!!! xo

  9. I collect elephants and love the mother and child stamp. I also love the puppy. He looks so sad.

  10. Oh Kim, so sorry to hear you didn't make it to Yosemite because it is GORGEOUS!! Honestly one of the most beautiful parks I've ever been to. But yeah, I feel your car sick pain...ugh.

  11. Ooooh, thanks for sharing those great cards. I love what was done with the stamped images.

  12. So sorry that you didn't make it to Yosemite, but yes, the roads are VERY windy (I was just in that area last weekend!) And next time you teach a class, let us know: I'd love the chance to attend one!!

  13. Cute cards from the workshop! Sorry to hear of your winding road trip! There's always next time!

  14. OH MY--- these cards are AMAZING! I loooooooooooove them! Beautiful use of colors and design!! LOOOOOOOOOVE x10000!

    So sad you didn't make it to the park! But I'm glad you still had a great time-- those ladies are super lucky to have been able to take a class from you!

    AMMMMMMMMMAZING cards by Emily/Laurie! I was just about to use the Hot Spot large base die! LOL! <3

  15. Wow, what cute cards! I wish I could attend a class like that. The craft space looks so bright and open!

    By the way, if you want to get photos from your phone to your computer (assuming you have a smartphone), you can set up an account with Dropbox:
    After that, install the software for your desktop and the app on your phone, and allow the phone to upload photos to the Camera Uploads folder. From then on, every photo you take will be automatically uploaded to that folder, which you can view on your computer. It's a great way to keep the photos backed up, too! :)

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