Tuesday, May 14, 2013

just soooo pretty

I love the little sequins that Laurie added to her cute stamped purses.  Her card is so flirty and fun - the doiy adds the perfect backdrop.  Grosgrain ribbon - swoon!

Emily created this very cool shopping card.  She stamped her images and then die cut the banners around them to add interest!  (at least that's what I think she did LOL)  Just wow!!

I am cropping with my BFF today.  She is a snow bird and leaves for Seattle area soon - too soon - pout.  I plan on soaking up every minute with her today.  Anyone else stamping today?
xx Kim


  1. I really need to ink up this stamp set!! I loooooooove everything about purses and shoes... and shopping:) TOTALLY inspired!! <3 Have fun crafting with your friend!!!

  2. Too cute...love the sequins and the little purses!

  3. Pretty Cards!!! Have fun with Karolyn!!

  4. Fab cards as always ladies! Have fun with your BFF! Sorry for the excitement, but YAY for the Seattle Area! :)

  5. I agree those purses are so beautiful, great job Laurie

  6. So pretty AND adorable Ladies!!!!!!!!!!


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