Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slang Gang

let's get to it, dang nabbit!

Kimmers created this fun and silly card using Nine Lives stamps, Nine Lives dies, He Said, She Said, Notebook Paper stamp and Notebook Scallop die.  Way to pack a card with PS!  Loving those rosey cheeks!

Teri pulled out her Perpetual Bliss stamp set to create this cute little message.  I am sure that a lot of us have drama-filled friends who would be a perfect match for this card.

This is Jocelyn's last week as a PS guest designer, but we will see more of her at the SPARKS Challenge blog for the next 6 months.  (yay!)  I have really enjoyed her creations.  This card is just awesome!  LOVE, love, LOVE the flip book!!  (her coloring is fab too)

This is the last week of school for my kids.  Anyone else ready for summer???
Happy Half-way Day!


  1. Sweet cards everyone! My son has two weeks of school left, better get my crafty time in now!!

  2. OH MY! These are super cute-- LOOOOOOOOOVE the flip book and Teri's papers!! LOVE Kim's card too!! ALL are amazing!! LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

  3. I am so ready for summer! We have 15 more school days after today is finished.

  4. that crazy cat just cracks me up every time. love these cards!
    -Rachel w k

  5. These sentiments are so funny; I nearly fell out of my chair!

  6. Summer holidays? Already? It's only May! In the Netherlands (where I'm from originally), school holidays don't start until July (between 29 June and 20 July, depending on the region) and they last 6 weeks (primary education) or 7 weeks (secondary education).
    I'm totally ready for summer though. It's 25 °C over here in Greece and I'm about to take a dip in the pool to start the weekend!


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