Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hey there

Kinfolk...gotta love 'em!  I was lucky enough to see some of mine last week...and will see two cousins this weekend.  I have a large family (My Dad has 12 siblings)

Check our this darling little brother card!  Totally sweet and clever!!  Teri's cute touches are fabulous :)

Kimmers card is lovely...just beautiful (nuff said)

Courtney created this very cool card - simply stated but has that WOW-factor!  She paper pieced different layers on the cassette tape (LOVE)

Thanks so much for stopping by (much appreciated)


  1. very cute cards :) love all of them ♥

  2. Thanks for sharing the cuteness today!

  3. OH MY! These cards are tooooo cute-- esp. that little brother card! ACK! ADORBS! I also love Courtney's card!!

    My mom has 12 siblings too!!! I always wanted 13 kids just like my granny.... but after having 28 kids in my classroom... I've changed my mind:) Olsen is enough (and he's only a pup!)!! LOL!

  4. Back from vacay and have much to catch up on. Awesome cards today. KinFolk is on my wish list. It's one of those you gotta have and use often I think. Tootles.


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