Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What are your plans...

for today?  I am cropping with friends and I am sooo excited about it.  I haven't cropped since I created the cards for the July release.  Stamp Therapy is the best!!

And you can bet the radio will be on.  Music is on from the minute I wake up til the moment I go to bed.

Laurie and Emily rocked the Beboppin stamp set.

LOVING the eighties colors - that black base is the perfect choice!!  Crazy-love this card!

I am assuming that Emily created a turn table for her record out of the cassette tape (very clever).  The retro pattern is fabulous and her sweet little bow is darling :)  You and Me are from our Chart Toppers stamp set.  (again...clever, clever girl)

Have a rockin' day my friends!!
xx Kim


  1. Cute cards!! Have fun today!! :)

  2. OH! What fun cards today-- I LOVE the 80s colors for the first card!! I love that black background!! I also love Em's retro card-- she's a genius at using different images for her creation (music note as the record piece.... tape as the record player....etc)! LOOOOOOOOOVE!

    I hope you have a FABULOUS day with your friends! Take pics of your projects!!! I never get anything done when I'm cropping with friends! LOL! <3

  3. enjoy hanging with your friends! Wonderful cards!

  4. Have a super fun day...love today's cards!

  5. Love the rockin' cards today!!!

  6. What fun music cards...love the cassettes on black too!


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