Friday, September 13, 2013


Happy Friday the 13th.  I am not superstitious, so this day doesn't bother me a bit. How about you?

Isn't Laura's card cool?  It looks like it would be so much fun to touch!  I'd love to try out some of those delicious looking treats!  Yummmm

Karolyn's shaker card is super clever.  When you turn it, the "bubbles" roll around in the wine glass.  I love the dimension of the wine bottle and I adore the purple and polka dots!

Tsukineko (Imagine Crafts) is having a design team call...have you seen?  

When a woman gets pregnant, she's not only growing a baby — she's growing a support system for that fetus. As a result, pregnant women have about 50 percent more blood by week 20 of pregnancy than they did before they conceived.

xx Kim


  1. Awesome Cards for sure Ladies!! Yep, pregnancy is AMAZING and woman are AWESOME for being able to carry and support another human being for not just the nine months they carry them internally, but for the rest of their lives!! ;) have a Fabulous Weekend!! ;)

  2. The word "TIPSY" comes to my mind when I see Laura's card. And I am set to try the pour your wine card (Karolyn has a link to a site with a tutorial). I just love both cards.

  3. Doesn't bother me
    Today is my birthday
    I was born on a friday too

  4. I heard on the radio today that marriages are down for the year because it's 2013 ;)

  5. Friday the 13th doesn't bother me. Cute cards.

  6. Cute cards. No Friday the 13th doesn't bother fact today is my nephews birthday so we celebrate today! Your fun fact is the exact reason my Dr. told my husband when my daughter was born, for if it were not for mother nature giving us extra blood I wouldn't have survived her birth. I lost 7 pints of blood delivering...the human body only has 9...unless of course you are pregnant. :)

  7. SUPER cute cards today! LOVE Laura's card-- fun patterned paper and colors!

    I never am afraid of the 13th-- it's my fav number. The only Friday the 13th that really made an impact on me was August 13, 2004-- Hurricane Charley completely destroyed the town that I had just moved to (I moved to Port Charlotte 2 weeks prior-- so I had no clue what a hurricane was or that it was coming/etc.)! Worst Friday the 13th EVER!



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