Monday, September 16, 2013


Good morning PS friends!  I hope your weekend was relaxing :)  I got a lot of work done so it was a huge booster (business wise) for me.   (wow, now that I read that sentence, I sound so boring LOL)  I do have some fun planned for myself this month, so I will get my laugh-on soon :)

Kalyn chooses such pretty ink colors when she creates.  I love how she softened her white card stock by adding a dusting of ink along the outside edge.  Even the rounded top corner adds to the softness of this card  It's delicate and absolutely divine :)

Heidi created this super cute clipboard and pen set.  I will be stalking her blog to see how she make that pen!  I am guessing she stamped the olives on paper and adhered it to a pen (it looks store bought to me) but I could be wrong.

A chicken with red earlobes will produce brown eggs, and a chicken with
 white earlobes will produce white eggs

xx Kim


  1. What cute samples today.
    Interesting about chickens. Loving your facts.

  2. Chickens have earlobes? Who knew?!! Love that Free Spirits set - it is definitely on my wish list.

  3. SUPER fun project by Heidi! That does look store bought! LOVE! And Kalyn's card is fab-- super CAS but it has lots of color and detail! FAB!

    I was raised on a farm and we had LOTS of chickens. Interesting fact about their earlobes-- must ask my mom/dad about it! We collected eggs daily-- both brown and white and even speckled! So we must have had chickens with red and white earlobes;)

  4. Awesome cards! And that clipboard is amazing!

  5. Cute cards!! This is such a fun set :)

  6. Love the cards ideas - and die cuts


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