Thursday, September 19, 2013


Ummmm WOW!!  I cannot believe that I switched post days...and no one mentioned it.  My jaw is literally on the ground this morning :)  Wednesdays are post days for Kimmers, Teri and our guest designer...which will be posted today.  I am soooo sorry for the confusion.  To say that I am distracted is an understatement.  I have a guest in town and orders have been keeping me busier than normal...AND I have art that needs to be completed.  I thought I would try to write my posts the night before, so that must have thrown me off too.  From now on, maybe it's best that I continue to post in the morning to keep my days straight.  (grin)  Geez, I swear that I am not this flaky ;)

I apologize Kim, Teri and sorry your cards are posted a day later :)

Ohhh, I love that shade of blue!  That touch of peach is beautiful!!  The watermarked stars make the perfect background :)

Teri's card is so happy and fun!  Great color choices...perfect design and just dang cute all over!

Kim is joining us again this week.  Check out this amazing card!  Don't you love their paper pieced outfits?  I love the bright colors!  Perfect use of the ampersand from our We Connect stamp set...and fabulous sentiment treatment!  LOVE!

Modern bras didn't come into fashion until the corset fell by the wayside in the late 1800s. But researchers poking around in a scrap pile in an Austrian castle have found linen bra-like garments dating back 600 years.



  1. LOL! I thought you were just switching things up on the blog!

    I hope you enjoy your visitor! I cannnnnnot wait to see your new artwork:)

    FAB cards today-- LOVE Kim and Teri! They are beyond super talented! And I LOVE Kim's card- super cute fussy cutting! LOVE the princess' dress <3

  2. Worth waiting for! Shout-out to your guest, Kim! Looks like she waved her magic wand on that darling card!


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