Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hello friends...
I signed up for a Tumblr account yesterday and recently started Instagram.  Do you all dabble with those?  It's hard to find the time to play with them but I think the concept is very cool.

Fanciful Fall

There is something extra-special about fall cards....they are just refreshing...

Emily used our Borders 1 dies as grass.  The row of mushrooms is darling.  Love those cute squirrels - eeek!

I love when Laurie adds vellum over patterned paper.  I'd say this is one of her "signature" looks and I think it's fabulous!  She added Fanciful Fall dies to her card as well.  Loving the pretty colors - beautiful card!!

In the late 1800's, washing machines and butter churners were sometimes 
powered by dogs walking on treadmills.
(what a weird visual!)

Happy Tuesday!
xx Kim


  1. GOOOOOOODNESS me! These cards are beautiful- perfect for the upcoming Fall season! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that row of mushrooms on Em's card! And Laurie's vellum on patterned paper-- def. signature for her and a MUST try for me;) LOVE her papers and colors! AMAZING! LOVE the PS DT!!!

    Dogs walking on treadmills- I've tried to get Olsen to walk on ours...but he won't do it! Guess I wouldn't have any butter or clean clothes if I lived back in those times! LOL!

    As for Instagram and Tumblr-- I Instagram some photos... but don't have time to be a true diehard fan. Tumblr... kind of like Pinterest, right? Must get that too- I need to stay up to day on the social media! LOL! <3

  2. Love the fall cards. My favorite season of course.

  3. Wow! What fabulous cards! I joined Pinterest, but am not on it much, so you probably won't ever see me on Instagram or Tumblr! Like Savannah, I tried to get Colby on the treadmill - he just barks and runs out of the room! LOL!

  4. Just darling, both of them! Ugh, I just might have to cave and get that set with the tree and leaves!

    1. P.S.I love Pinterest, but never use Tumblr or Instagram :(

  5. I love the cards. Fall if my favorite time of year. But I am really commenting because of the fun fact...I would love to have my dog trained to walk on a treadmill! He has enough energy to power my apartment for at least 5 or 6 hours each day!
    Ali Smith
    (of Emma Squared Designs)


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