Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Wassssup friends?  I am drawing today - what are you up to?  Work, play, crafting maybe?  My kids are off for fall break, so it's nice to have them home this week.

Laurie created this adorable journal...it would make a fabulous gift idea this Christmas!   You could fill it with recipes, addresses or phone numbers.  I love the fun and flirty colors...and that ribbon and bow rocks!

ok...this sweet card takes me to the beach.  I see this as a cute vacation spot with bungalows along the beach.  These are ocean front properties...ohhhhh how I'd love to go there!  Ack - those silver glitter clouds - yummmm.  Wonderful card Emily!

The human body is full of friendly bacteria, with organisms on our skin and in our guts helping keep our bodies humming. Breast milk alone can have up to 700 species of bacteria, according to a study released in January 2013.

Have a good one!
x Kim


  1. I absolutely ADORE these houses! If I could make a perfect world, I would also make a supplemental set that says, "welcome to the neighborhood", and "just moved", as well, as "Congrats on your new home." I can NEVER find these in styles I like (if at ALL), and a paper smooches version would make me so happy! But, this is not to diminish how much I LOVE this set!

  2. I love this Laurie's journal! Really nice. Kim! Here in Spain, I'm working in my Halloween inviting cards, and how I can "put" 12 persons in one flat hahahahaha

  3. School has just gone back here in Aussie after a two week break. I just finished my card for the new lace challenge and now about to make a card for a sweet work buddy.

  4. WHAT??!??!! Your kids get a week off for Fall Break? Growing up we only received a day! And down here in FL- they don't get anything (since we don't have a Fall! LOL! Just kidding about that last comment!)! I hope they enjoy this break:)

    Can't wait to see what you are drawing! LOOOOOOOOVE your images:)

    Super cute projects today- LOVE x10000000 Laurie's journal! What a fab idea!!! And Em's card is just too cute!


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