Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hola friends!

Erin's card is crazy-fun!!  She stamped the word "bacon" with our Alphadot stamp set.  Her color choices are fabulous, design...perfect and message - adorable!

Now this looks like it could be a billboard ad!  Emily combined stamp sets beautifully! Loving the speech bubbles and googly eyes.  This card is silly and super-sized FUN!!  (Think Fast stamps, Word Bubbles dies)

The male platypus has a venomous spur on its hind foot capable of 
dispensing a poison that can kill a medium-sized dog

xo Kim


  1. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Erin's bacon! It's perfect--- the perfect color and I bet it's crispy too:) FAB card! Love how Em colors her images!

    This post makes me want to get this stamp set inked up ASAP! LOVE it:)

  2. I totally LOVE LOVE this set!!! Definitely a need to have.

  3. Both are really cute, love the googlie eyes!


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