Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Erin combined our Sweet Hearts stamp set with the Bookmark die.  I loooove that chain at the top!  Wood, gold, vellum, feathers...what's not to love?

OMG - this is one freaky-cool card!  Such a fun and flirty design...and there is so much eye candy on here - way to go Miss Teri!

Tyra used our Love-Struck stamp set to make a BOLD statement - front and center on her card!  Love the cute hearts and playful design.  :) :) :)

Trees in Australia have been known to explode.
xx Kim


  1. cute cards oh how I love Valentines day all those hearts!!! Trees in Australia known to explode??? I am originally from Australia and have never heard of it lol...oh well you learn something new every day!

  2. OHHHHHH! I loooooooove that bookmark by Erin! NO wonder she is on this DT--- TALENTED!

    Teri's card is BEYOND amazing! I LOVE her style and design! LOVE LOVE LOVE:)

    And Tyra's card is simply FABBBBBULOUS! LOOOOOOVE!!

    OH MY! Exploding trees? Interesting!


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