Saturday, December 7, 2013


Happy Saturday friends!

This is our first week showcasing projects from our die team on Saturdays.  Next Saturday we will show off some amazing layouts.  Today is a Betsy and Pamela's day.

Betsy creates innovative and PRETTY cards, every time!  This darling border makes a HUGE statement!  The mix of sequins and epoxy dots...and baker's twine makes this card so fun to look at.  I know I'm inspired :)
(Bookmarks dies, Sweet Hearts stamps)

It looks like she is having a blast with the Borders 2 dies.  These make amazing gift wraps.  Just in time for Christmas!  Fabulous use of the Bookmark dies!!
(Bookmarks dies, Borders 2 dies, Sweet Hearts stamps)

Ahhh, this card just makes me smile!  It's such a happy eye candy!
(Love-Struck stamps and dies, Borders 2 die)

I never think to use gold on a card but I sure will now.  That shiny gold looks soooooo cool on Betsy's card.  I love the mix of colors and patterns.  This is beautifully created.
(Always & Forever dies, Reflections stamps, Flower dies and Leaf dies. Borders 2 dies, Whirligigs stamps)

Pamela makes a BIG statement on her cards.  This card is perfectly executed!  That "silent" ampersand between the sentiment is fantastic!!
(Always & Forever die, Sweet Hearts stamps)

hellloooo, this is sooo retro-cool!  LOVE the tie dye look!  Her blending is ummmm...absolutely amazing!
(Borders 2 dies, Word Up stamps)

awwww...tell me this is not one darling card.  That circle of hearts makes my heart skip a beat!  loveLOVElove!!
(Hearts dies, A Little Lovin stamps, Chit Chat stamps (loved sentiment))

...and this last card by Pamela has me grinning too.  I love the rustic base against the crisp white!  Her coloring makes me swoooon.  WOW
(We Totally Click stamps and die)

In 1939 The New Times predicted the television would not be successful 
because it required people to sit and keep their eyes glued to a screen, 
which no one had time for.

Have a great day!
xo Kim


  1. WOWOWOW! This post is PACKED with amazing creations! Welcome Pamela and Betsy! LOVE everything shared today:)

  2. Such beautiful cards lots of inspiration going on there. Love the fun fact included will be sharing that one

  3. Adorable projects today Ladies! The funfacts is a hoot today! lol


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