Saturday, January 11, 2014


We love our scrapbookers...

Mou created a cool title by die cutting the entire Documented dies all at one time and using the negative as a huge focal point!  I love her artsy typewriter - seriously love.
(Documented dies, Just a Note, Frame 1 die)

haha, elf on a shelf is too funny!  Kimmer's page is sooooo super fun!!
(Captured Moments, Botanicals 2, Cardbooking dies, Just a Note, Documented dies, Headliners, Frame 1 die, Borders 2 dies)

oh my how I adore Summer's page!  The colors are fantastic - the design is amazing and it's just so fun to look at!!  Did you notice that she created little banners by folding over our Pinked Circle dies?  The vellum Polaroid dies are awesome!
(Captured Moments, Hearts dies, Documented dies, Pinked Circle dies, Polaroid dies)

Vinyl records are making a comeback, with sales up 18% in the last year to 1.4% of the total market, and LP factories are working at capacity.

xx Kim


  1. I love this project, the LO are so beautiful!

  2. Ioooove the scrapbook days here!! These pages are amazing!! Loooove the vellum Polaroid dies! I swoon!! And the PL type page is just an amazing way to capture lots of fun moments!!! And that die cut sentiment page is awesome! So much inspiration!

  3. AMAZING INSPIRATION forsure!! LOVE it ALL!! Thanks for sharing and have a Fabulous Weekend at CHA!! ;)

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  5. Sooooooooooooooo fabulous! I LOVE how these gals create layouts using the PS stamps and dies! I have a goal to make one page a hopefully I will be able to use some PS goodies on my pages too! <3 INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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