Saturday, January 25, 2014


Calling all scrapbookers - check out these incredible pages  :)

Awww, Kim's grandparents are adorable....and so is her page!  I adore her flirty flowers and fun details around her entire layout.  I's a fabulous tribute to their incredible accomplishment!
(Scalloped Circles dies, Reflections stamps and dies, Captured Moments, Kissables 1 and Kissables 2, Hearts dies, Frame 1 die)

Boy would I ever LOVE to see Mou's creative process.  Her pages are full of artsy elements.  I am moved by her lovely's just so fantastic!!  swooooon  :)
(Botanicals 1, Botanicals 2, Scalloped Circles dies, Positive Strokes)

...and Summer's layout is beyond perfection!!  I am amazed at her stamping skills...this girl is a rock-star!!!  Just WOW!!!!
(Captured Moments, Headliners, Sweethearts, Cardbooking dies)

A shark can detect one part of blood in 
100 million parts of water.
Have a good one!
smooches!!  Kim


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  2. SUPER cute layouts!! LOOOOOOOOVE how they use these stamps and dies for pages-- totally inspired! And I think I might share my project in a video soon! I haven't made a layout in over a year! LOL!


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