Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey there friends.

I am hosting BUNCO (dice game with 11 other women) tonight, so I am looking forward to prepping some food today.  Have you ever played?

Ahhhh, yellow!  It's so happy and makes Kalyn's card even cuter, I think.  I love the layered paper and elements.  Fabulous product choices!!  The camera and washi tape - exactly perfect :)

Heidi's card is sweet and delicate...
I adore those soft pink hearts
 - and the bold gold sentiment.
The sweet polka dots and vellum makes this card extra cute.

On February 15, 1969, a woman name Vickie Jones was arrested for impersonating Aretha Franklin in concert. Jones’ impersonation was so convincing that nobody in the audience asked for a refund.

smooches!  Kim


  1. I played Bunko a long time ago...I remember it being lots of fun, although I don't really recall how it was played. I'm sure you will have a fabulous time.

    These are great sample cards, and since I just received this set, it's giving me lots of ideas of how to use it.

  2. My mom played bunco for years and would bring me occasionally to fill in when someone couldn't make it. It was alot of fun as I recall. Great examples for this cute stamp set. Been debating on picking it up.

  3. Fun cards. have a great time playing bunco..never tried but I am sure its fun.

  4. LOVE bunco!! If I lived near you I would beg you to let me join : ) Have a blast!!

    These cards are wonderful! I love the "love" : )


  5. I played Bunco with a group of ladies for years! Lots of fun! But have you ever played with men?? My husband and I hosted a couples Bunco and played for money with each person anteing $20 (three tables), and OMG! The men really got into the game, hollering, get the much more over the top than the women ever were. It was hilarious! Reminds me...we need to do that again :D

    Cute cards always.

    1. ohhhh I imagine MEN would make it extra-interesting :) LOL

  6. Oh my goodness, I forgot all about bunco! We used to have a weekly neighborhood game with a group of ladies. It was a blast!

    This is quickly becoming a fav set of mine :). Love your designs!!

  7. I already read the results of your Bunco game--- glad you had a great time:) I said this last time-- I really need to learn how to play that! LOL!

    LOOOOOOOVE these cards--- Kalyn's card is SOOOOOOOO fabulous! LOVE her stamping on patterned paper! And Heidi has nailed the gold sentiment! LOVE:)


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