Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Happy Half-way Day!!

Seriously, can this girl make anything other than FABulous cards?!??  (nope)
I love Teri's color combo!   The scattered stars are sooo happy and wonderful!
I like that she stamped off the sentiment to create a tiny shadow.

Lori Barnett is our guest and here's another jaw dropping card :)
The Fourth of July will be here before we know it, so this is a great time to prepare some super fun cards to send out.  (even if they aren't invitations to a party or BBQ)  I love the neutral really softens the colors...and her design is awesome!!  (polka dots are from Primary stamp set)

When Einstein died in 1955, the physician who conducted his autopsy at Princeton stole his brain and took it home to perform “research”, for which he was ultimately fired after refusing to return the brain. Decades later, he drove to California to return the brain to Einstein’s granddaughter.

xoxo Kim


  1. OH MY! You are right!!!!!!!!! Teri can't make anything other than FABULOUS and FABULOUS x10000000! LOVE:)

    And Lori's card is SUPER fun! I LOVE the design and use of both stamp sets! LOVE LOVE LOVE:)

  2. Both Teri and Lori created such wonderful they've got talent!

  3. I love the colors used and the stars.

  4. LOVE BOTH cards, LOVE EVERYTHING about them!!!
    LOVE the colours, LOVE the stars and LOVE the designs - THANK YOU for the creative inspiration :)


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