Saturday, April 26, 2014


So, I realized that I should have been posting two projects per designer on the Saturday "die posting" days.  Bare with me as I get to know how this bi-monthly posting schedule should work poperly :)

I am sure that I included these projects in our newsletters, but I like to post them here as well in case you'd like to leave a sweet comment.  And not all of you receive our newsletters.  If you don't and would like to...go to our home page: you will find the sign up box at the bottom of the page. (Join our mailing list)  I typically send a newsletter on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Since these cards are loaded with our March/April release...maybe it's best to direct you to our NEW products page to easily find all of these products.

Get ready to be heavily inspired...

Holy gorgeousness!!
This card is soooo very pretty.  I love the movement, the mix of colors and the watermarked images on the pink background.  Just WOW!

This is a delightful mix of stamps and dies.  Betsy has an amazing way of moving your eye around her card.  What a fantastic color combo!!  I love every inch of this card.

JJ's card has a feeling of peace that I melt over.  This is one incredibly beautiful card.  The dream catcher theme is unique and it gives me a happy sigh.

BAM!!  This card is FAB-U lous!!  I can't get enough of her creativity!!  I loveLOVElove this card - every bit of it!!  (especially the sweet heart at the bottom)

Scooters are just cool...and so is Laura's card.  I love how she colors...the lines are flawless.  This cute card is perfect for a boy or guy at any age...and even perfect for a girl if the colors were more feminine :)

Ummmm, holy cow this card rocks!!
LOVE the wood grain background with the pop of color dripped in.
The stitching really sets this card's terrific!!! 

BIG grins over here...this card makes me smile BIG!
It's super clever and over-the-top CUTE!!  That smiling star is just so dang happy (and so is this card)

I am having so much fun describing what I love about these cards that I am sort of sad to almost be done :)

Pamela created this fun gift card set using our Deco Bag die.  It's the perfect size for money or a gift card.  I love those inlaid stamped images.  That is an awesome way to use coordinating dies!   (BEAUTIFUL coloring as well)

Our "die" designers are amazing, aren't they???
When developing the Macintosh computer, Steve Jobs wanted to add a small mysterious character who would appear after about every 1000 times you used an operating system’s user interface element. He would wink at you and disappear so fast that you wouldn’t be sure he was real.


  1. WOOOOOOOOOW! This post is literally PACKED with inspiration! I love love love each of these creations! The coloring--- the choice of papers-- the designs--- WOWZA! Great job, Betsy, JJ, Pam, and Laura! LOOOOOOOOVE <3

    LOVE the fun fact!

    Have a fab weekend <3

  2. Great Cards!
    Especially like Pamela's Deco Bag cards!

    ... I have such a LONG wish list FILLED with stamps & dies that I NEED :)

  4. So many awesome cards full of inspiration! Thank you!!!

  5. Lots of beautiful designs and different styles. Really shows off the versatility of the stamps!


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