Friday, June 13, 2014


Jocelyn stitched some confetti pockets - aren't they amazing?!?
One is an element on her card, and the other is a decorative tag.  These would be really fun to pass out at a party!

I have a delicious card to share....with a kitchen theme of course...

I love Ashley's taste in patterns and colors.  Her apron is so dang cute - I'd like one please...

I really like the mix of elements on her totally trendy card!

In 1987 the IRS required tax payers to list the SSNs of child they claimed as a dependent. As a result 7 million children vanished from tax returns.

love ya!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHH! I just love these cards! Jocelyn's pocket is so cute and perfect for that birthday card! And Ashley's card is SUPER SUPER trendy! LOOOOOOOOVE! Fab post today! Inspired x 10000000:)

  2. LOVE the confetti pockets, great idea, and the apron card is ADORBS!!!

  3. FABULOUS cards!!!
    The Pocket die set and the Blissful Banners are looking more & more like MUST-HAVES in every crafty stash, including mine!!!

  4. What a great idea to stitch the pocket die!


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