Friday, July 11, 2014


TGIF!  AND, it's 7/11 day!  I remember getting a free Slurpee at 7/11 on this day 6 years ago.  I wonder if they still do that.  I'm not sure they have 7/11's here in AZ, hmmm

Oh my gosh....this is soooo dang cute!!!  eeeek!
I love the mix of pattern and color.  The pleats are adorable :)
FABulous card Ashley

Check out these super cute Halloween tags!!  Our Tag Stitched die is the perfect size for this fun tag set.  I like the simple background and the silly green monster :)

King Otto of Bavaria – who ‘ruled’ from 1886 to 1913, and was quite mad – exercised his right to shoot one peasant every day. Luckily for Bavaria’s peasants, his attendants gave him pistols loaded with blanks and dressed up as peasants, playing dead whenever he ‘shot’ them.

BIG hugs and smooches


  1. I enjoy reading the Paper Smooches Funfacts daily. I even share some of them with my kids.

  2. Super cute Halloween cards! LOVE how Ashley uses papers and washi tapes to make such amazing creations with her PS images/dies! LOVE LOVE LOVE Jocelyn's tags--- fab colors and simple! Perfect for treats:)

  3. It is also Krispy Kreme Day and Chick-fil-a Day! Seriously, you can dress like a Cow and get a Free Chicken Sandwich, while drinking your Free 12 oz. Cola Slurpee, and snacking on your Free Krispy Kreme Donut. What a Country!

  4. Eek! These are sooo CUTE!!! Love!


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