Tuesday, July 8, 2014


awwww, THIS is a wonderful card!  I can see it being used for many occasions....wedding, thank you, friend, birthday, etc...
I love the gorgeous paper choices...beautiful Emily :)

I had some small spaces to fill on this set, so a bird seemed to be a perfect fit...and the way Laurie used it, shows me exactly what I was hoping to see - so yay!  Her card is incredibly beautiful in every way <3

Coca-Cola had a price of 5¢ for over 70 years (1886-1959) and at one point the company tried to raise the price by asking the U.S. Treasury to issue a 7.5¢ coin. In another attempt, The Coca-Cola Company briefly implemented a strategy where one in every nine vending machine bottles was empty. The empty bottle was called an “official blank.” This meant that, while most nickels inserted in a vending machine would yield cold drinks, one in eight patrons would have 
to insert two nickels in order to get a bottle. This effectively raised the 
price to 5.625 cents.

hugs and smooches to you


  1. Emily and Laurie have rocked this set--- I LOVE your handwriting and sentiment stamps! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how large these words are!!! Perfect creations by the DT!

    What an interesting Fun Fact--- 5 cents for pop! Now it's $1.25! LOL!

  2. Cool cards - shame on Coca Cola!

  3. YOU ARE AWESOME - LOVE these stamps!!!
    LOVE the cards that TOTALLY INSPIRE too!!!


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