Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Happy Half-way Day friends!

I think this card is just SO beautiful!  I love the partially colored blossoms.
The crisp white sentiment looks FABulous and I love the splash of color on the bottom and balanced black stitches.

Teri also chose a rich colored purple and complemented it with a cool apple green color.  Grey is the perfect background and the stitches really adds a nice texture!  (LOVE)

Miriam is back with us today as our guest, with two new cards for us to share.
I adore this gorgeous card.  It can be used for birthday, wedding, anniversary and so many other occasions.  Her coloring is absolutely beautiful!!  (yup, this made me swoon)

and ahhhhh, how lovely!
The softness warms my heart.  She colored this so delicately and it makes a HUGE statement :)  I am looking forward to seeing what's coming next from Miriam.

There’s a tribe in Africa that instead of punishing someone for their wrong 
deeds, they will surround that person and say nothing but good things the 
person has done.

BIG smooches,


  1. These are so pretty! Love them!

  2. OHHHHHHHH! LOVE LOVE LOVE how the PSDT used this flower set! LOVE LOVE LOVE Erin's colored blossoms (or partly colored!)! LOVE LOVE LOVE Teri's card--- she just knocks my socks off! LOVE! And Miriam's creations--- AMMMMMMMMMMAZING! Bold and soft--- WOW!!! Blown away <3

  3. Wow...these are awesome. What a great set to use, and each of these ladies have really shown their style and added their own personal pizzazz to each card. GREAT inspiration.

  4. The flower stamps are just gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful cards! I really love Miriam's cards!

  6. So many pretty ways these blossoms were used...great cards.


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