Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hello friends
I hope you have fun plans this weekend.  I need to finish back to school shopping with my kids.  They start back on Tuesday :)

JJ created this super cute card that is filled with beautiful color and dimension.  I adore the dots on the monster's belly (grin)
(Falling for you, Halloween Icons dies, Graffiti, Polaroid dies)

and ohhhh - check out this fun and clever card that JJ though of.  She used the pumpkin as a tomato - hehe!!  I love her sense of humor :)
(Graffiti, Halloween Icons dies, Notebook Paper die, Alfresco)

My first reaction to this card was ohhhhhh because I think the rich purple is awesome!!!  I love the bright green sentiment and bold black icons.  Yup, swoon-worthy!

...and oh my do I ever LOVE these happy colored leaves!  The white base with an elegant oval makes a bold statement - LOVE!

Breathing the air in Beijing is equal to smoking 21 cigarettes a day
 in health effects.



  1. Fun cards! That purple is absolutely stunning.

  2. Great crafting goodies and such fun cards! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Not sure what happened to my last comment--- technology! LOL!

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVE these creations by JJ and Laura! They are so talented! Great colors, designs, coloring, use of stamps and dies! WOWZA! I'm inspired--- x10000000000:) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Happy School shopping <3

  4. Fantastic cards! And glad I don't live in Beijing!

  5. How did you achieve that fantastic purple background?!

  6. Seriously it is only August 4th and your Children already have to start back to School? That is just horrible! You need to move!!

  7. Fantastic cards! That's a scary fun fact to think that all those people who live there or visit there are breathing in all that terrible air and probably don't even realize it. This is why I look forward to all your fun facts...I am learning new things :)


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