Monday, September 15, 2014

Hola friends!  I read on Facebook that cooler weather is happening.  It's still quite hot here in Arizona, so we are ready for cooler weather.  My weekend was full of work, but that's totally fine since I LOVE it  :)

I adore Michele's festive card!!  The silver bow is fantastic...the stitched framed sentiment is perfect...and her coloring is beautiful (as always)

awww, this tag is so dang cute!!
I love the satin ribbon.  The popped up angel is WONDERFUL!
I also love how she softly colored the image  :)

Your body is constantly replacing old cells with new ones at the rate of millions 
per second. By the time you finish reading this sentence, 50 million of your cells 
will have died and been replaced by others.

Love ya!!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHH! I just love this new stamp and die set! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The fun papers and colors for Michele's card! LOOOOOOOVE the simplicity of Kalyn's tag--- BEAUTIFUL! LOVE it all!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ha ha ha, I was SUPER lucky. I’ve never won any lottery, Until I saw Dr. Laz.

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    It’s a fun experience for sure!


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