Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My goodness, I just LOVE the look of vellum (white on white = WOW)!  This is one stunning card!!  I love how Emily combined two sentiments on this set :)
(Blossoming Buds stamps and dies)

I am drooling over here...just WOW!!
I loooove this darling cupcake.  I haven't seen our Cupcake die used in a while, so this makes me super happy :)  (my fav...the chunky glitter)

The Chinese government “encouraged” the country’s tallest female basketball player to marry the country’s tallest man. Their child was Yao Ming.



  1. Awesome cards and interesting fun fact!

  2. GET OUT! These cards are AMMMMMMMMMMAZING! I love Em's use of vellum--- I, too, love white on white:) And Laurie's card is so fun! It's perfect for anyone! It makes me want to get out my cupcake die--- I need a bday card for my niece next month! Good idea;)

    LOVE the Fun Fact--- interesting!

  3. These cards are awesome. I love the beautiful flowers embossed in white on vellum. So elegant. The sentiment with the little bird, Love it! The cupcake is toooo cute! Just love that card!


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