Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Happy half-way Day!

holy cute little squares!!
The black epoxies are adorable and the stitching on the squares adds the perfect texture.  I adore this card to pieces :)

Erin stamped the swags beautifully...they really give this card a festive feel.  The shiny ornament toppers are awesome!  This color combo is my all time fav :) LOVE
(Ornaments Dies)

Jamie Greene is back as our guest this week.  Speaking of guest designers...our next call is will find details HERE

(happy sigh)
I love the simplicity of her fabulous card!
I love the clean white...the glittery paper and that super cute accent.  This card makes a bold statement!

California’s official state animal is extinct.

xoxo Kim


  1. 1. Teri, Erina and Amy--these are so great--love the design for each of them! and 2. Can I please write your "fun" facts? Some are fun and some...not so much. Oooh--how about art fun facts? Did you know Michelangelo only signed one piece of art in his life? He went back at night after The Pieta was displayed to carve his name in the marble because no one believed he could have made it at such a young age. He regretted it and never signed another. :)

    1. Wow, Chark! Thanks so much for writing that tidbit about Michelangelo...never knew that one!

    2. I'm full of tidbits that will not help me unless I get on Jeopardy and if I did, they would desert me at the wrong moment, I'm sure, Sharon. lol

  2. OHHHHHHHHHH! I love love love these cards--- LOVE Teri's idea of using the stitched frames with those neon Christmas ornaments! LOOOOOVE! Erin's card is super fab--- love the letters on the second ornament! CUTE! And Jamie's card---- oh my! Simple and yet FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

  3. All of these cards are absolutely wonderful!!! I'm loving the stitched frames as well. Those ornaments are so pretty with their silver connections! And I am in love with the cute "nice list" sentiment...simple cards are so elegant!


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