Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Ummm, hahaahahaaa - I adore this pear man!!
I love the green tones with a pop of teal!!!

Holy adorableness - OLIVE this card!!!
ohhhh that clever girl...
I love how she created olive people from our fruit stamps.  Way to stretch your imagination ROCK!
(TIP...if the leg and arm stamps are too long, simply leave the ink off from the length that you don't want...or mask them off)

Amy is our guest this month...enjoy
what a super sweet Thanksgiving's Day card.
I love the simple leaves.
navy and lime - yummm
(Chit Chat)

check out this coolness...
Oh how I wish I could see this in person.
It looks like she water colored vellum and stitched a pocket...and stuffed confetti hearts in between the papers.
I know one thing for certain - this is an adorable card!!!
(Cool Dudes)

Spiders can use Earth’s electrostatic field to propel themselves up to 
2.5 miles into the atmosphere.



  1. awesome cards...Erin's card is just so cute and love how she thought outside the box.

  2. Adorable cards -- way to use the fruit Erin :)

  3. These all just make me smile SO big! Great job everyone!

  4. All of these are so sweet!!! Love!

  5. LOOOOOOVE Teri's card! SUPER fun! LOVE Erin's card--- what a clever idea with the legs! And the olives--- AMMMMMAZING! LOVE Amy's cards too! What a fun post--- totally inspired:) <3

  6. Omgosh! The olives! Adore!! :) good gravy, these cards are all fun! ;)

  7. A-dorable!!! Love all of these! :)

  8. Just adorlicious little snow girl. And to make the card into a shaker card is toooo cool. Love it. The gratitude card hits my heart strings. Love living in gratitude. ♥ Thanks Amy.

  9. Super cute cards Amy's shaker card!

  10. I just love this all cards.I am stunning.It is very helpful for children.
    Zarah from Ecbilla


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