Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Are you familiar with the 12 days of holiday giving over at the Scrapbook & Cards Today blog every year?  Well, it's a DOOZY!!  They have a super LOT of amazingness to give away.
Our giveaway day is today - woohoo.

Please take a moment to stop on over there to see what you can win.  And make sure to stop by every day - you won't want to miss your chance ti WIN!


  • Gift Tags 2 Dies
  • Stars Dies
  • Uplifters
  • Mini Monograms
  • Smarty Pants, Smarty Pants Icons
  • Great Chemistry, Great Chemistry Icons
  • Super, Super 1 Dies
  • Briny Blue
  • Green Thumb
  • Squeaky Clean
  • Hang Ups
  • Smoocheroos
  • Halloweenies
  • Promenade
That is the amazing list of products that Emily used on her flash cards.
Her son is so lucky to have a Mom that makes cool things.  I am sure he loves them...I kow I do!!
These are jaw-droppers!!

Yup, this is super cute!!
I love the mix of color with kraft and black!
The polka dot ribbon is a darling touch.

During the alcohol prohibition some moonshiners used to wear ‘cow shoes’ which left cow hoof prints rather than human footprints so they couldn't be tracked. The reason this sort of worked is because cows pretty much step in their own foot prints when they walk.

xoxo Kim


  1. What a beautiful card by Laurie! I LOVE her colors, polka dot ribbons, and the hearts! FAB card all around:)

    Em's flashcards are super fun! Her son is very lucky!

  2. What a great card and those flashcards are amazing!

  3. You are hilarious--the cow walk cycle is the bomb!

    I love the idea for flash tags :-D
    Card is so pretty and elegant :-D


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