Monday, January 5, 2015


Wow - it's hard to believe this is the first week of 2015!  I am sooooo freaking excited about that!

Our next guest DT search begins this Thursday...

wow, I absolutely love the scattered roses!  They look like they are moving around the card.  The cut bottom edge is a great touch!  The cute hearts are wonderful :)

I am LOVING this color lately.  I think plum is a HOT color right now and Kalyn used it beautifully!
I love the airbrushed look in the background with bold white roses on top.  The sentiment banner is perfect!
(Roses Dies, Flag Tags Dies)

In Iceland, the phone book is sorted by first names because everyone’s surname is basically their father’s first name followed by -son or -dottir.

smooches - Kim


  1. Beautiful cards! And what an interesting fun fact!

  2. BEAUTIFUL x1000000000! LOVE these rose stamps/dies! I actually am using it on a card this week! Can't wait to share:)

  3. What a fun 'fun fact'! I love learning interesting little things like that. Talk about love, that card is amazing. Unfortunately I have to wait until next week to buy it!!

  4. Oops!! I just read my post, it should have read " I have to wait until next week to buy the die"!

  5. sooo pretty, love all the blooms!

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