Friday, March 13, 2015


TGIF - even though it's the 13th

 (Lots of Love)

(Space Cadet, Stitched Dies)

(Luminous Spring, Reflections stamps and dies)

(Group Hugs, My Guy, Stitched Dies)

Most cave paintings were probably made by women. How do we know this? Well, on average, female hands have a ring finger that is shorter than the index finger (whereas in men, it’s the other way around), and this difference is believed to have been more pronounced among ancient people. Applying this rule to the hand prints left on cave paintings, scientists have come to the conclusion that nearly three-quarters of them were made by females.

I hope you have a terrific weekend
xx Kim


  1. Oh no! My Ring Fingers, on both of my hands, are longer than my Index Fingers. I am a Female and I was proudly born that way. What does this say of the Cave Painting Scientist's Theory? Have Female Fingers, mine in particular, evolved to be the same length as Men's or is their a flaw in the Scientist's Theory? So funny!

  2. Great inspiration from Kay and Ashley today. Neat fact about the cave paintings.

  3. Super cute cards! And what an interesting fun fact!

  4. SUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER fab cards by Ashley and Kay! I love love love Kay's watercoloring for the background of that spring card-- WOW! And Ashley--- GENIUS! Always nailing her designs, colors, and use of stamps/dies! LOVE LOVE LOVE these gals!!!


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