Friday, May 22, 2015


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(Waves Dies)

Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid on earth at $38,858,507.46 per gallon far 
surpassing Thailand cobra venom which is $152,835.82 a gallon.

love ya!! Kim


  1. OMG OMG OMG!! AMAZING Inspiration!! LOVING the New Images!! SWOON!! =)
    OK WOWOWOWOW!! I NEVER knew that People Bought Venom by the Gallon, or that it was SO EXPENSIVE!!?? I suppose it makes sense though!!?? Especially when you factor in how CRAZY you'd have to be in order to retrieve a Gallon of it!!?? Plus how DANGEROUS it is!! I was always under the Impression that it took SEVERAL releases to even make a Tablespoon amount of Venom!!?? I can't even IMAGINE how many retrievals it would take to make a Gallon!!?? Probably one of the MOST Interesting/Bazar Facts you've shared!! Just gives me the Goosebumps thinking about it!! EEKKKK!!! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  2. These are totally adorable!!! Love the fun new images. That fact is chilling. How long does it take to get a gallon of venom and what do you use it for?

  3. These cards are super cute!!

  4. OH MY--- Kay is just amazing! I love her birthday card! And Ashley has done it again--- love love love her design! FAB post!


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