Saturday, August 22, 2015


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(Twiggy Florets)

There is an area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean where no longer needed spacecraft are and have been routinely deposited. It is known as the “Spacecraft cemetery”, and notably it is also the place where the defunct Mir space station rests.

xx Kim


  1. Beautiful cards and that grill-friend one made me chuckle!!!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHH! Alice is a GENIUS! I was thinking of making a card similar to her first one with the single rose! LOVE LOVE LOVE! And I LOVE her coloring and design using the Alfresco stamps/dies! FAB!

    And I have to tell you how much I LOVE Pamela's card---- that mixed paper for the rose is FABULOUS! I LOVE the lace and the white space! LOVE the stitching and the entire card! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it all <3

    Hope you have a great trip! <3


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