Wednesday, September 16, 2015


(Borders 3 Dies)

(Hexalongs, Foliage 2 Dies)

Zarah is our guest and shared these beauties with us.  I am in LOVE!!
Clever girl...she used our Thanksgiving Dies in such a creative way!

There is a star in our galaxy that is 5 billion times volume of our sun.

xx Kim


  1. Loved the hop and seeing all the variety of cards and ideas!

  2. WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I love Zarah's cards--- esp that second one! I love the stamped background! And Teri--- what can I say!??! LOVE her! LOVE her polaroid with the hexagon and colors--- and her first card is so graphic! LOVE everything she makes <3

  3. DELIGHTFUL cards - ALL are FABULOUS designs!!!
    Teri's layered ric rac is EXCITING and Zarah's flowers BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Love all of these cards but have to say Teri's was the one that caught my attention. Brilliant and bright.

  5. Teri... WOW! You rock!
    These dies and stamps are a DREAM to work with! Thank you again, Kim, for having me as a guest! ♥

  6. I think I understand your site a speck better, you seem to have contests and challenges to use these great products! I love that they are included in most every note. Thank you, I cannot wait to follow your site!


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