Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Anyone else shocked that somehow 2015 is ending soon?  Oh my...it feels like this year flew by, doesn't it?

(Fused Frame Die)

Jesse James once gave a widow who housed him enough money to pay off her debt collector and then robbed the debt collector as the man left the widow’s home.

xx Kim


  1. This set is SO adorable! Love this idea and these stamps/dies!

  2. Sigh, so many lovely new items this release! This is such a cute card set, love it!!

  3. You sure know how to do CUTE Kim! Yup, each January that rolls around, I just figure it's already December of the next year so it doesn't shock me as the year whizzes by! Jesse James was one quirky guy, huh?

  4. Oh these cards are SO CUTE!! And I cannot believe it is already December. This year FLEW BY!!! Love your fun fact!!

  5. I just love these little birds!

  6. ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL set of cards - LOVE each and every one!!!


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